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i own a 300zxtt and am in the market for a pair of blow-off valves. i was first attracted to a set of HKS SSQV, but i found them to be quite pricey. i am looking into a set of ApexI twin chamber BOV's and i am wondering if there are any similar or better BOV's for a similar price range.

posted by  cobaltgreenz32

The HKS is an amazing BOV, my friend was having a lot of problems with boost leaks, boost creeps and bleed off with his DSM gen 1 and when he swapped to the HKS all the problems went away. Plus it sounds like pure sex.

My brother has a greddy typr RS on his FD and is fond of it, he got it for about 200. So...yeah.

posted by  Zalight

yea $200 is cheap but i need 2 bov's and i guess around $400 isn't too much. but thanks anyway and i'll reflect on what others might have to say

posted by  cobaltgreenz32

Pneumatic bliss or too much fibre?

posted by  Wally

Wait, why do you need two? you only have one throttle body right?

Sorry if those were dumb questions, but I cant really see an application where two is needed.

posted by  azkid110

They're not dumb questions if you've never seen a 300zx twin turbo before. Both turbos have all separate piping, intercoolers, throttle bodies, and recirculation valves (currently looking for new bov's). i'm looking for one with a swoosh sound and i think the Blitz DD makes a sound like that. I originally was looking at the APEXi set b/c they came with an easy mount kit.

posted by  cobaltgreenz32

I have decided to purchase, out of good word and also the availability of a bolt-on kit from, HKS and their SUPER SEQUENTAIL VALVES and the whole no leak pull type of valve operation. Now I am wondering about buying a recirculation fitting for the BOVs I'll buy. The fatory BOVs are recirculation valves which blows the air out of the boost tubes into the intake filter. I'm wondering ifcancelling therecirculation aspect will effect the Mass Air-Flow sensor and its readings, which are factored in for the extra air from the recirculation valves. I don't want a rich air/fuel mixture!:umh:

posted by  cobaltgreenz32

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