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i am a first time car buyer so i am not sure if i should buy an eclipse. it does look pretty nice though. i heard that it cost alot to maintain and breaks down easy. there is a 98 eclipse gs 150 000kms on body and 45 000kms on rebuilt engine for $7000 leather interior, 2door 5spd should i buy? how long would the car last? looking for suggestions and tips and also what to check while looking at the car. please and thanks

posted by  Bangsta

if you love eclipses through thick and thin get it
but if you want the car and not the hassle

look for another one

my personal favorite is the 99 eclipse

posted by  lamonsters

Which is identical in every way to the 98 Eclipse he is talking about.

Have a mechanic look over it and verify the condition of the rebuild.

Since its a fresh motor, if you treat it well it will treat you well.

posted by  PontiacFan27

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