Why buy the Acura TL - why not just get a fully upped Accord?

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Anyone have some real solid reasons why someone should purchase an Acura TL instead of just getting a honda accord exl v6? Aren't they pratically the same car? Is the leather nicer on the Acura? Is the suspension nicer? I thought I saw a larger engine option on the Acura (but not much bigger)


posted by  triple7allstar

The TL's v6's make 258 and 280 respectivly the accord v6 makes 244. I also think the suspension on the TL is nicer.

posted by  aeprominant

Oh its very interesting. Could you provide me more information ?


posted by  ralfsmith

The TL is a completely different car. Lots of reasons to buy one over an Accord. more power, better suspension, better engine, and to a lot of people, vastly better looks. And when spending this chunk of change on a car, how it looks to you is important.


http://carsmedia.ign.com/cars/image/article/731/731869/honda-accord-hybrid- sedan-20060908052454713.jpg

Not boring:


posted by  ChrisV

I do really like the second one. There are many unique features.

posted by  ninjatrainer

Ok - cool - thanks. I agree that the styling is superior on the acura, but not enough to sway my decision toward one when that was all the difference I could discern - let's face it - 20 extra horse isn't something to get all worked up about. haha


posted by  triple7allstar

But it's not JUST horsepower. While they both share the same platform, they're completely different. One is strictly a run of the mill family sedan while the other is considered a sports sedan for more reasons than just horsepower. Test drive both for yourself and then decide. :2cents:

posted by  elchango36

I did and I didnt fit.... SOB.

The TL also has more amenities on the inside and the stereo looks like something out of a space ship. Overall it is like comparing a Camry to a Lexus or Spam to real meat, the difference is in the detail.

posted by  Voda48

There are lots of things nicer in the TL than in the Accord. If you can buy the Acura, I don't really know why you would think about the Accord, IMHO. I love the styling of the TL and you can be even more pleased about the fact you have the brand image of a Acura versus a Honda (not that a Honda is bad or something, we have one, too).

posted by  StiMan

I am more playing devil's advocate than anything else here.

Thanks for the replys. I wonder what you can get a TL for on a lease?

I'll have to look into that.


posted by  triple7allstar

I own one. I personally love it to shreds. Sure it may not perform as well as a G35 or handle as well as a 3 series. But it is still a damn good car. Arguably best interior; at least better than the 3(cheapass interior for the price) and the corolla like interior of the last gen G. A lot of interior space, unlike the BMW, where you have to be a child to comfortably sit in the back seats. (I'm 6 feet tall, and when i sit in the back of the 3, my knees are pushed against the drivers seatback.) And considering that its a couple thousand cheaper than the G or the 3 series similiarly equipped, you get a great deal.

posted by  aerith

does everything here go about the same for the 07 accord coupe and 08 nissan altima coupe... im trying to decide between the two

posted by  JonB91

I'm pretty sure the altima has more horse power.

posted by  triple7allstar

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