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Took it on a shoot today, I know they're practically the same pic but I can't decide which angle I like more. edimario.jpg dimario.jpg

posted by  jedimario

hey how fast is that thing? low 13's?

posted by  solarrr

Looks good man. Very nice composition in the second one.

What sort of equipment did you use? You post-processed these right? They look pretty good.

I'm just wondering because I'm a photographer myself.

posted by  StiMan

i like the pic on the angle! makes it a more exciting pic to look at in my terms:wink2:

posted by  True_Brit

Canon PowerShot S3 IS. No filters, no processing, that's the jpeg straight off the camera. I messed with the aperture and exposure times some untill I finally got it right.

EDIT: And a tripod, of course :laughing:

posted by  jedimario

Those are some nice shots, and the car looks nice. I tried getting into photography, but I have no skill lol.

posted by  chris_knows

I used to use a Canon S1 IS, the two generation predecessor of the S3. Do you like it? I loved it... it was a great point and shoot. I didn't think you'd post-processed it. I'd suggest doing a little bit of level work.

Actually, I just brought it up in PS and you're levels are fine. The colors look a little strange to me but whatever. It may be the white balance, but it's mostly the washout. Did you use Auto or manually do it? I very rarely did manual on my S1... the abilities were terrible.

How long was your exposure? I would suggest the next time to use a little bit of fill flash and shortening the exposure--in my mind taking the exposure time to get the detail in car, washing out the background, makes a great distraction. :2cents:

Don't get me wrong--great images!

You ever used an SLR?

posted by  StiMan

The S3 is a great camera, I love it. It has an awesome lense, and the manual settings let me do everything I need to. Sometimes I could a longer exposure than 15 seconds or a greater aperture range, but it's generally ok. Plus it does video, which I actually use at times.

Manual, worked fine for me.

Two seconds. I may have used a flash, I don't remember. It was very dark in the garage, but full summer southern sunlight coming from outside. I think my camera's flash would have overdone it.

We have an SLR film camera, but I haven't used that since I got into photography. I may have taken a couple of pictures with friends' SLRs, but nothing extensive.

posted by  jedimario

Ya, the S1's USM IS zoom lens was ballin'. I just got the point where I wanted real manual control.

I suggested the fill so you could decrease the exposure. The washout is too distracting without it in my opinion.

If you really want to learn photography, using a film SLR fully manual is the best way preferably with a 50mm prime so you work more on composition, rather than with a zoom lens. Do you have access to a darkroom? If so, shoot B&W film (preferably Kodak TMAX 100) and print your own stuff. If you don't, get some color C41 film that you can just take down to a CVS and get developed, you'll learn pretty well that way.

I learned on my dad's fully manual (no electronics) Minolta XG-7 with a few primes (mainly the 50mm). Once I got good, I switched to more contemporary Nikon SLRs. I now use two Nikon film SLRs and bought myself a Nikon D50 DSLR last summer and use about 10 lenses (approx. 4 zooms and 6 manual (they're really old... I have to manually expose and stuff... no big) primes).

I checked out your dA last night... good stuff. Ever been to my site?

posted by  StiMan

Didn't know you had one. Message me or something.

As far as the SLR goes, I may mess around with it if I have some time this summer. I haven't been able to devote much time to anything but school for the past...too long. But it's all over now =D

But yeah, no darkroom, and film costs money, while I already have memory cards. Plus we don't have anything nice as far as lense go, I don't think, but I'll see what we still have.

posted by  jedimario

My site is in my profile under "my webpage" or something. It's a PBase.

I know what you mean about film, that's why I bought a DSLR. Do you know what kind of SLR you have?

posted by  StiMan

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