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I just recently bought an '06 WRX STi and I would really like to add that "little extra something" to it? I would appreciate ANY info/advice on how to achieve that little extra without voiding my warranty? Maybe a downpipe, cold air, etc?? Thanks everyone and best wishes.

posted by  AustinWRXSTiguy

There's plenty of dedicated rex discussion sites whose members will provide detailed instruction on how to add bits 'n bobs to gain hergatroids of extra power. e.g MRT, Rexnet, etc

Be aware that Subaru are well known to void or query warranty claims for cars with modified mechanicals.

posted by  Wally

perhaps adding little extra something was great..i had done AEM subaru cold air intake installation...i'd purchased it online...i guess adding something like your cold air, perfect! subaru cold air intake had done great services...

posted by  chelle26

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