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I'm going to buy my first car and are considering a 1995 onwards Toyota Levin 'coz of my limited budget. Just got two questions.

On the Levin XZ it lists the max power rating at 115ps@6000rpm (doesn't matter which year I look up), however when I look up the max power rating on the engine (4A-FE) I get 110ps@5600rpm and some even 105ps@5200rpm. Why is there such a difference here and why doesn't it match the car's rating?

Also I was wondering about the fuel economy on the BZ-G models which list it as 12.6 km/L (city mode) for the manual. Which is kinda poor for a 1.6, but to be fair it is quite powerful as a 1.6 goes. But this rating makes me nervous with fuel prices being so high over here in New Zealand. What fuel efficiency do owners of this car actually get?

Thank you in advance for your help.

posted by  Sluke

The engine was used in Corolla sedans and Celica STs, as well.

posted by  PontiacFan27

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