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Well I turned 16 finally a few months ago and its time for me to find a first car. I dont know much about cars yet,:ohcrap: So I came to this forum to find out some stuff and maybe an idea of what I should get. Well there are a few cars on my mind I'd like to have they are the Nissan 240sx Mazda Miata or a late 80's Toyota supra. what would be the best for a first car and something i can slowly build up and race the buddys :laughing: so if you could give me your thoughts of each of the cars. thanks!!!


posted by  Madmax

id personally choose the MX5 to start off with at a young age as its small, has a reliable engine (the 1.6 lump is apparently the best to choose for smooth running and reliability) yet they do look good!

posted by  True_Brit

Drive each one and see which you enjoy most. My first choice is the 240SX, closely followed by the Miata, closely followed by the Supra lol.

posted by  chris_knows

personally, id have the Supra!

posted by  True_Brit

can you put much hp into a miata? and what are good first mods to put into it i dont want to just throw in a turbo and blow the engine :ohcrap: like a jackass lol and do you think you could get teh same amount of hp and torque into a miatta as a 240sx ?

posted by  Madmax

i like the 88-89 supras and i know they can be really fast cars but i was wondering if a miatta could be just as fast i like them all the same im just wondering wahts the best for the money there all about the same price ranging from 2000-5000 i like the 93+ supras but they seem to be like 12,000+ and theres no way in hell i can afford that lol

posted by  Madmax

I'd assume you don't mean a very recent Miata (MX-5). If I were in your shoes, I would go with the Supra, then the 240, then the Miata. You can get a fair amount of power in a Miata, but where it would make up for it versus other cars is in weight and in handling, usually.

I'd still grab a Supra.

posted by  StiMan

Me too, but it would have to be the 3.0-litre Twin Turbo model....In this guy's case though, I'd probably go for the MX-5 too, although none of the cars he mentioned are necessarily great for a first car!

posted by  Cliffy

the 3.0 litre TT was a real POS, trust me, I had one for about 2 years. The Mx-5 is a chick car also... I would go with a nice ford mustang GT with straight pipes. just one for the ladies... hehe but use your own discretion! :thumbs:

posted by  solarrr

In that case all Supra's of that era are POS's then? Because the 3.0-litre TT is the best of the bunch. I'm not sure I believe anything you say, Solarr, mainly because you seem to think you earn $70,000 in a day....not impossible I guess...If your initials are B.Gates. By the way, you'll get some opinion about calling the Maita a chicks car, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

i quite like the miata/mx-5, its a cheap thrills car! cheaper to insure than most cars of its type and efficient enough as a daily driver! (my step dad had the 1.8 sport until he got himself a ford expedition:laughing: )

posted by  True_Brit

I vote for MX-5! Mazda has always been interesting...:clap:

posted by  bloody13

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