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At the end of Aug, early Sept 04, I will be buying a new car. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out which car to get. I am on a budget because college tuition is a pain and eats up half my salary. I have four choices below and they all came up to around the same price range, 16k to 16700. I'm not asking a lot for my car but just the standard features, auto, power doors/windows/ ac/ keyless entry/ fuel economy, anything else is a pleasant bonus. My choices are:

Pros: everything! this car looks the best and has most HP than any of the cars listed. When i get the package for power doors/windows i also get alloy wheels :laughing: and i love how the radio controls are on the steering wheel. I'm choosing the 3i because it has better gas mileage.
Cons: Not sure how reliable they are, some people say its good other says it sucks and I'm really busy and strapped for cash that I can not be dealing with car problems, hence getting a new car. Closest mazda dealership, about 15 miles away.
Civic LX 4DR
Pros: reliability and piece of mind.
Cons: offers nothing outside the standard features i need. i like the two door better but living in NJ, insurance is high so I'll opt for the 4dr since both are around the same price.
Corolla LE
Pros: my family has had toyotas so i know first hand how dependable these cars are. Highest miles per gallon.
Cons: bland styling, offers nothing outside the standard features i ask for.
Lancer LS
Pros: lookd better than a corolla. includes a sunroof :) has new 10 year warranty.
Cons: no dealer around my area, even with warrenty, i dont know how reliable they would be. I'm bias because my uncle gave me a hooptie when i was 17, a precis which always gave me problems.

My heart is on the Mazda3i but reliabilty issues comes up, plus it is a new model so most reviews i've read have been good but only recently bought the car. So I hope you guys can help me out.

posted by  cyke93

you will get absolutely no help at all until you introduce yourself.

posted by  SuperJew

Firstly, on a new car, reliabilty shouldn't be a problem as most manufacturers offer atleast a 3yr warentee for piece of mind. Then there's the cons you mention on all but the Mazda, I thought that extras outside the standard kit were mearly a bonus?....with that in mind, I'd suggest the Civic, although a little bland, Honda's are renound for their reliability and are usually gernerously equiped. Alternatively I'd chose the Mazda, it not only looks great, but has a great spec list and should also be reliable!

posted by  Cliffy

I wouls go for the Mazda if i were in your shoes...but thats just me wanting to be different from everyone else, who has the Civics. and my vendetta against Civics. :laughing:

posted by  SuperJew

I have no doubt that once i get the car i should have no problems with it, i was just thinking down the road.. 4-5 years from now. Abnother con which i forgot is that for Civics, there are so many out there. I will be another a typical asian male with a civic. But hey, give it some time i'm sure i'll see mazda3's everywhere.

I need to get some insurance quotes though because I live in NJ, insurance is almost if not more than the monthly payments. My record is clean and I have no points so I might i have to depend on insurance costs as an alternate factor. Once this semester is over, I can devout time to go out and get some tests drives :)

posted by  cyke93

out of curiousity what is your gripe with civics?

posted by  cyke93

okay, here we go:

1) theyre indeniably boring
2) they're everywhere!!
3) i relate them to street racers, and relate street racers to acts of idiocy and ricers, which i despise.

that good? :laughing:

posted by  SuperJew

I agree with most of that, however, over here Civics are more of a sensible persons car lol...From a reliability point of view though...surely ya cant go wrong with a Civic :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

i wouldn't call them boring, but u are right they are everywhere and who eosn't have someone on their block with a hooked up civic ?

posted by  cyke93

go wid tha mazda3 mannnnn.... and yeh, honda's are played out... u wouldnt want a car half tha world owns man.. whats so original bout that?

posted by  e.1999-BTNH

My girl is getting the mazda3 s and let me tell you that after test driving the mazda3 s and the honda civic, the mazda won.
the mazda comes with a 4 year warranty as opposed the the civic's 3 year.
She end's up paying less in insurance
the horsepower is more for the 3: 160 as opposed to 127
and the civic's are boring cars, the mazda's are awesome.

anyhow, mazda3 s rocks... but the i... that's a different story. I would still recomend it as it is a better car in my opinon than the civic.

posted by  TheTooth

:stupid: Mazda 3(i or s) whoops all the other cars you are considering.

posted by  importluva

I'd say go for the Lancer.....I might be wrong(feel free to correct), but when you got a little bit of money you could build up the exterior to appear as an EVO VIII, right?
I don't personally care for Mazda. Don't ask me why. Irrational prejudice. I own a Honda Civic, so that's a good car and all. I just really like EVO's and Eclipses, but have never owned one, so I could live vicariously through you!


posted by  SkylineAmerica

i actually have the money now to buy a car .. n right now its down to the Mazda 3 and Scion tC.

i test drove a civic ex, i dint feel at all special at it .. esp since it was an ex model, my impression of it was that it had better handling than my 03 sentra gxe but accereration was the same.

i test drove a Mazda3i and i really liked it .. handling .. accelerating.. the look .. an amazing car. i drove it on a particularly hot afternoon and so i had the a/c blasting and pick felt really good .. i cud only imagine with a/c off. after sometime thinking, i decided to go with a 3s (whats a $1000 more righ?) and dat has a bigger engine too.. oh man.. my brother has vehicle discount of 10 percent for any ford owned car.. including mazda. i'm just waiting to see if he co-signs if i am entitled to that as well.

theres also the tC. once the specs were released, my jaw dropped.. not only is a/c power win locks standard but 17' alloy wheels, ABS, panaramic moonroof, mp3 .. the list goes on and priced for about the same as my mazda 3s or civic ex. i havent gotten a chance to test drive but i saw it today and although the look isnt as hot as the mazda3, the ameneities more than makes up for it. my family is returnin customers to my local toyota scion dealer, we bought 4 cars from them in the past 3 years.but i hear that scions aren't up for price negotions and the price you see is the price you pay.. thats good but bad for someone with a tight budget like me.

so now im torn between these 2 cars.. sometime this weekend i am going to either a mazda or scion dealership .. hmm...

posted by  cyke93

Well there is the alternative of buying a well equiped BMW 3 series used for this price but if you have your mind set on a new car then i'd go for the mazda but i'd rather have the BMW, i mean come on, its a BMW.

posted by  littlledevil696

Haha, feel special? None of these cars should make you feel or look special. At least not in my eyes. Just take your econo box Mazda 3 and be happy. I have no idea about the Scion tC, it looks kinda ugly. The Mazda 3 would probably put all of these cars in the dirt in almost every category.. Although you can never go wrong with a Civic.

posted by  DSMer

good idea. with either of those you are a winner.

posted by  importluva

u know, i changed my mind about the mazda3... its cramp for the back seat passengers, theres no head room nor leg room and to top it all of its thin!

i also think, the mazda3 is ugly! go with the scion tc... it may be cramp aswell.. but i think it looks better. and besides, there not alot of scions out there! so when you roll down the streets, people would be saying "wow what kinda car is that?"

posted by  Ki2AY

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posted by  cinqyg

dilema no more i finally got my car. . well not yet ..its back ordered.. but i decided to go with scion tC .. i tried mazda and priced with my brothers discount .. i was paying the same for less features. .. plus i trust toyota for reliabilty over mazda's and my toyota dealership is less than a mile away while the nearest mazda was over 10 miles n i dont wanna trravel that far for when i want to get service .. but in the end .. my car comes out to .. 19300 n das including tax title destination .. etc etc. with a car that comes standard with abs, 17 alloy, mp3, moonroof, power w/d,a/c, auto.. etc etc.. any other with these options wud be well over 20 n das not inluding tax and all that other stuff..

posted by  cyke93

Congrats! Enjoy! :clap:

Also, post pics once you get it :thumbs:

posted by  importluva

thanks ! :)

hopefully i get call this week to see when my car comes. my biggest problem now is finding insurance for this bad boy.. i live in nj, 20 male, single.. im like prey to insurance companies :( . And my dealer does not provide temp insurance so ergh.. after this i will be totally broke .. in aug i have to worry bout paying my tution for the fall semester .. new eyeglasses.. books.. :sigh: .. guess i have to wait for my tints

when the car is ready for pick up i will be bringing a camera to document the event hehe ..

posted by  cyke93

i want one too..... i hate u!!!

posted by  Inygknok

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