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So Honda has decided to toss the hybrid engine (on the accord at least) in favor of a diesel version, becuase the prius was getting too competitive. Anyone else hear anything about this move? I think its for the better

posted by  newyorker

I would prefer the diesel, but it doesn't sound as efficient as a car that runs on electricity half of the time, so I'm not sure whether diesel will sell better.

posted by  chris_knows

diesel is a proven technology for many years...a lot more than hybrid, so its going to be better engineered, and better quality. diesel cars are very good on gas as well, they are basically between gasoline and hybrid. my civic gets 32mpg, the hybrid civic (of my generation) gets about 52, diesel would be in the mid 40s.

posted by  newyorker

I know diesel is more efficient than gas, but it doesn't sound as efficient, in the sense that it still burns fossil fuels lol.

posted by  chris_knows

yes that true, but a nice change....i

posted by  newyorker

Screw it I get 30 mpg with my V8.

But Ive never been a big fan of hybrids, so I kinda like the idea of a diesel.

posted by  Enthusiast

Um, no it doesn't. Not in the real world. I vote diesel.

posted by  elchango36

hydrogen powered cars will be a better alternative than hybrid or electricity.

posted by  GreekWarrior

I think that hybrid technology is thetechnology ofthe future without doubt, but I'd much prefer a diesel car over a hybrid one.

posted by  Cliffy rious-elusive-electrolyzer/

take a look at this, I found this interesting. Don't just watch the video, read the article.

posted by  GreekWarrior

natural gas is a great alternative, but its only semi-widespread in 2 states (NY and Cali), plus there is the inconvinience of wanting to take a long trip, but you get stuck on the road somewhere with no filling station. On another note, there is only 1 car sold to the public that runs on natural gas. 1998-2005 honda civic I believe, there were others, but were sold in the 2 states I mentioned as fleet vehicles for security cars and such

posted by  newyorker

Natural gas is kinda common in Europe, but I don't see it catching on here, because it's loud and smells bad lol.

posted by  chris_knows

never heard/saw/drove/smelled a car running on natural gas, but i dont like diesel motor sound...its ok on trucks, but when im at a light next to a TDI VW, and it sounds like a tractor, its kinda annoying

posted by  newyorker

Assuming we're talking about LPG (Liquid Petrolion Gas), yes it's quitecommon here, but you can still only really fill up with it at larger fuel stations. Having said that, they are bi-fuel so tend to run on petrol too (from a seperate tank), so if you couldn't find an LPG fuel station, you could just fun on petrol. LPG used to cost about 20p per litre but now probably costs twice that, lol....The MPG isn't as good as petrol or diesel, but the cost evens it out a bit. 40p perlitre probably doesn't sound that great to those outside the UK, but comparedto our standard fuel price of nearly £1 per litre, it's very good, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

for the NGV (natural gas vehicles) here in the states, there are tanks in the trunk that hold the gas at be a little shaky speeding around town with that stuff. However, they also make the same power as my lx civic (117 horses) and have the same acceleration. the only difference is, the fuel, the fact that its hard to get unless you have a home filling station (honda sold them for 2k before now i think they come with the cars..well at least the last years that they made them, and you cant fill anywhere except home (in this area). until it gets widespread more, its not gona be good. however, the EPA declared the civic GX (NGV car) to have the cleanest burninng engine in the world, and also estimated that oil changes would be done every 10k miles, tuneups every 100k miles, and that the motors would easily withstand 500k miles of driving. impressive, but its not catching on here. Besides, my civic is more practical than an NGV, and is rated ULEV (ultra low emissions vehicle) by the EPA so if people are that concerned with saving the environment, a hybrid isnt always necessary, and besides, the 2 gallons a tank a hybrid saves, an explorer goes through in 20 miles. If people really care about the environment, they should install a tax (theer might be one already) called the gas guzzler tax that makes owners of V8+ vehicles pay a tax based on the miles they have driven that year. it would decrease the sales of high displacement vehicles, and in turn save gasoline and the environment. im gona read some more on the new line of chevrolet flex-fuel vehicles sometime this week and report my findings.

posted by  newyorker

There is a "gas-guzzler tax", a part of the "Energy Tax Act" but it doesn't go by the size of the engine, rather fuel efficiency (makes more sense)
Here's how they calculate average fuel economy:

And here's ( a chart of the taxes.

posted by  chris_knows

nah... LPG and LNG are different.

And while i didn't read the fuel cell article, i thought i'd point out that the hydrogen is made by basically electrocuting water. Electrocution requires electricity, which is often made by burning fossil fuels anyway.

posted by  windsonian

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