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Hi, this is my first post in carforums! Its great!
I was wondering if anybody could give me an estimate as to what insurance would cost for a nissan 240sx for an 18 yr old. I dont care what year, i just need an estimate for it, cuz i dont know if my job can pay for it. Thats why i also need an estimate for a Toyota tacoma cuz i heard insurance was cheaper for a truck. Plz help me! Thanks! :2cents: :banghead:

posted by  unfettered


introduce yourself - you will get no help at all until you do so.

posted by  SuperJew

hmmm.. iunno bout insurance being cheaper if u drive a truck.. but i know over here in cali insurance is expensive if u have a 2 door sports car and it also depends on color... if u have some bright color like yellow orange or whatever.. insurance is a couple dollars higher.. id say ur insurance would be around 220$ per month...

posted by  e.1999-BTNH

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