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Here are some spy shots of the next generation Honda Accord Sedan and Coupe. I;m sure a lot of you have seen the pics already, but what are your comments? jpg jpg jpg jpg g

Here's a link to an interior spyshot;

In case, you can't see the sedan pictures; here's the link to the gallery; -DUD-17133/

I personally think that this Accord looks good. It looks premium, understated and elegant. In comparison to the ricer-wannabe pug nose of the Camry, and the oversealous Altima. This looks befitting of a family sedan, although the Altima and Camry may look quicker, the fact of the matter is that the Accord is quicker. This accompanied with class leading handling and class benchmark interior will gaurantee good sales.

posted by  aerith

coupe looks WAY nicer

posted by  newyorker

I like it.

So many people bash BMW's Chris Bangle's designs, but they're rubbing off on all the manufacturer's now. :thumbs:

posted by  Mathew

Is it just me, or does the coupe slightly resemble the Bentley GT?
Never really been a driver/fan of hondas, but id go honda for that coupe. Any info on engines yet?

posted by  turbokas14

I can see that too, although I think Hyundai Coupe is more to the point....:thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

looks like a meaner version of a Mitsubishi 380, i like it.

posted by  GreekWarrior

Sources say that we are looking at a whole new line of V6's, 3.5L i-Vtec DOHC V6 making about 270hp, and a new A-Vtec (Similiar to BMW's valvetronic) 2.4L I4 making 180hp. Not sure on the torque numbers yet, but they should be similiar to competitors. I think Honda's V6 should make more power than Toyota's or Nissan's, since they have the same displacement, and similiar designs, but Honda's engines tend to like to rev higher and have higher compression ratios. The I4 should be best in class, since Toyota and Nissan has yet to officially release a new line of I4's equipped with the newer tech.

posted by  aerith

looks like they ripped the ugly "hey look, a tree must have fallen across that thing" doghouse from the new lancer off and stuck it on a hyundai sonata...

posted by  crazycarl88

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