Hi all. Help with 2007 Nissan Sentra.

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I'm about to get a 07 Sentra. I would like to find a way to put some aftermarket features into the car to beat the cost of the dealer packages. Now, I'm not some superfreak auto-upgrade fanatic but rather someone looking for a few perks on a budget and maybe a touch of style.

Things I would like to beat the cost of over the dealership packages:

17" wheels as an upgrade from the 15" standards on the car. I found some rims & tires that looked pretty good at Discount Tire Co. for $550 for both rims & tires. Does this require any special choosing of tires & special tweaking? I'm a complete amatuer and just looking to add some excitement to the car.

Aftermarket stereo. I figure I can piece this together myself and there are tons of inexpensive yet quality options here and people might argue for a million years about what combo would be best for the $1000-$1500 or so I'll spend on it.

Keyless entry & alarm. I've been driving beater cars for my whole life and this is my first new car, so I have no idea what this would cost but it must be cheaper to install an aftermarket system than the $1000+ "power package" the dealership offers.

Tinted Windows. I'll find someplace locally that is reputable and quality. Tint is pretty inexensive.

There are a few spaz items that may or may not be appropriate on this mere 140-horsepower econocar. A rear spoiler? Maybe but it's still pretty immature I think. A shiny/fake tailpipe attachment? That screams wannabe and perhaps that is a car fashion faux-paux?

Opinions on how to spruce up the averageness of this car at dirt cheap prices would be appreciated.:screwy:

posted by  tspence73

I think a nice touch to a lot of cars is to take off some or all of the badges. Makes them look a lot cleaner/sleeker IMHO. I don't know how people go about doing this without damaging the paint.

posted by  giant016

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