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So guys most of you have heard me talking about my buddys automatic 2005 scion tC. It used to be turbocharged and actually ran pretty good. Here is a video of it, only only 6.5 psi, against a bolt on LS1 6 speed on 315 Hoosiers.

http://thumbs.vidiac.com/95a020b0-e6bd-4c15-b6b7-98e6010bcb8d.jpg (http://ls1lt1.vidiac.com/video/95a020b0-e6bd-4c15-b6b7-98e6010bcb8d.htm)Cl ick here to see Video (http://ls1lt1.vidiac.com/video/95a020b0-e6bd-4c15-b6b7-98e6010bcb8d.htm)
Well we returned it to stock on night about 11 pm so he could trade it in the next day on a 350z but then he ended up keeping it. It is now in the process of being rebuilt. We just got the ZPi stage 2 head on, His new tranny should be delivered to the shop on monday and then it will take 3 or 4 days for the upgrades to be installed and then another 2 for the strenghtened tranny to be swapped in the car. After that the turbo goes back on with 12 psi, water injection, and a new equal length stainless manifold. Then it goes to a local shop for a dyno tune.

Oh and the best part is it is currently on the spray, just a little 75 shot, but it will stay on with the turbo, haha. And he found a kit that sprays C02 onto the intercooler to cool it down and we are going to run that as the nitrous purge. He told me its garuanteed to lower inlet temperatures to 0*s.

Then shortly after we get it all on the new fully forged low comp rotating assembly goes in with MORE boost. Oh man this is gonna be a hell of a domestic hunter.

posted by  Enthusiast


posted by  Enthusiast

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