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I just recently bought a 2004 Honda Civic LX, and I was wondering about some easy, and pretty simple upgrades I can get and install to help boost my hp's and acceleration. I'm looking to add about 40-60 horses.


posted by  Paintballownsme

swap engine to a k20a2, boost it, or really have no other options...these are not mod friendly engines..i know this because I have one

posted by  newyorker

Easy and simple won't get you very far. You've got to be willing to make a pretty serious effort for that kind of power gain, or pay someone else well to do it for you.

Do what he said ^

posted by  hondaman

not only that, but there are so many things that can go wrong..boost will cost you 5k done right and professionally cause u gota change the fuel system, and a whole lotta other shit
swap will be 6-9k cause of motor and trans wiring shift linkages, etc.etc.
boost will just blow the motor

i hope you have a 5 speed too cause the automatics in these cars are teh suck and you cant even beat on them

you can do suspension, but as far as power, you have the wrong civic

posted by  newyorker

What civic should I get for power?

posted by  Paintballownsme

civics arent powerful, but me im parting mine out and selling it next summer...then going for boost on an ek

ive heard good things about the new Si, as well as the 99-00 Si (high theft here), the RSX and RSX-s, EP3 (2002-2005 hatchback with the rallystyle shifter) but really you arent limited to honda...lots of great cars out there

posted by  newyorker

No one buys a Civic for power. People buy Civics because they're cheap, reliable, and easily modified due to an almost infinite aftermarket support. People buy Civic's because it's what they can afford, not so much because its desirable or powerful. And Good Luck modifying your 04!

posted by  elchango36

Couldnt have said it better myself...well this is true for the non Si models that are actually performance minded

posted by  newyorker

Well, as yall said, Civic's aren't bought for power but because they're reliable and affordable. However, I was hoping to add a little bit of kick to my civic. I was looking at aftermarket parts, and a cold air intake can add up to 15 horsepower. Are there a couple of other parts that can add decent amounts of horsepower? Or, any parts that you recommend I buy to help my new civic out.

Thanks again for all the help.

posted by  Paintballownsme

First of all, don't get caught up in that "up to X HP" bologna. I hear too many people taking their "up to" numbers and adding them all up to get their actual HP. I don't know a ton about Civics, but if they're saying up to 15HP, you'll see 5HP to the wheels if you're lucky.

Good tires will help your car, I'm betting an econo-car like a base Civic doesn't come with performance-minded rubber.

Maybe you could look to see if somebody sells a low hp jet for nitrous, I'm thinking 25hp. I can't see that hurting your engine too much, and a tank would last you a long time. Or you could get a smaller tank, which is easier to hide.

Another cool mod is an electric exhaust cutout. With the flip of a switch a valve in the exhaust opens up, allowing the exhaust to exit before the muffler, or sometimes even the cat. On many cars this gives a few exta HP, but research it for your car as it may not help. You could probably get this for about $150. The cheap route is to get a manual cutout, which you have to go under the car and physically open up or close. This costs about $25, or less if you can weld.

What I would recommend the most is what has kind of been said. Focus on your car's strenghts. Go to an AutoX event in your area. Check and look under SoloII. They have several thousand events every year located across the country. These races are fun, safe, and relatively cheap. Entering 10 events will cost about $300. I gaurantee you will have more fun at those 10 events than you will spending $300 in performance parts and driving around town daily. Also, in those ten events you will become a MUCH better driver, probably making your car faster than it would be with the $300 in mods.

The first few races, your car will not hold you back. These races are more about skill, less about your car. A semi-pro racer in a stock Dodge Caravan ran faster times than a newer Corvette at an event last year. Eventually you will get better and your car will start to hold you back. This isn't all bad though, as your car isn't too bad of a start for this type of racing. With some suspension upgrades your car can be competetive relatively cheap.:2cents:

posted by  giant016

Intake wont add any power..i dont care who makes it or what kind it is..the only one proven to add power is the fuita that is 200+ dollars and its not worth the 4 horses it gives..ive had a cold and and a short ram they do NOTHING, as well as exhaust. there are NO boltons you can do to this car..nothing cheap, or nothing thats even worth doing..its just a bad platform to work with thats all...if you want to do work on it, do a lowering kit (not ebay parts), wheels and tires (not ebay tires), and a lip kit...but for those you are looking at at least 700 per if u get the stuff new...

lowering is 700-1400 depends on what u get
wheels are 700 (for decent ones with good tires)-3000+
lip kit is 500 or so plus paint

there are no cheap mods

posted by  newyorker

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