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Hello Everyone Im a newb here. Ive been searching far and wide to look for right answers, and I hope someone on board will be able to help me out.

So here it goes. I have a 1981 2door toyota corolla liftback (with 2t engine) and recently had 'carrier' differential bearing problems. Bearing were all chewed up and had to take down the carrier assembly for bearing replacements. But instead I opted to change the carrier assembly to a fewer teeth on the pinion and ring gears. Original carrier set-up was 10/41 ratio and I decided to mount up a 9/37 carrier. The reason I decided to mount fewer teeths on pinion and ring gears, I was hoping to add-up a slight heft and kick in my lower gear levels. I felt that my previous 10.41 carrier set-up was too high speed and lack the extra ooomph in the lower gears.

When I mounted the 9.37 carrier set-up, however, I only felt slight difference. Im not exactly sure If I was able to achieve my plan to get that extra ooomph.

Question: Did I do right? Or was I better off with the 10.41 carrier set-up. Help please and thanks everyone in advance.

posted by  bum-t

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