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Hey there,

I just recently bought a 03 Acura EL 1.7, witch is a Honda civic pretty much. It has 6400 km on it and I am going to take it across Canada in one month, The last couple of days it seems to be acting odd. Last week I started it in a parking lot and I had no gages no RPM no gas no temp, I shut it off and restarted, that worked , strikes me as odd as well sense iv owned it the gas gage will some time just drop to dead empty even if its got a half tank however it comes back slowly and all other gages work the whole time. Early this week I was due for a oil change I went to a lube center and when they took out my air filter it was a mess (all gummed up) I replaced it however I didn't perform a fuel system cleaning. Witch leads me to what concerned me early today I was driving 60-65 kms in 4th gear witch is normal (or how I drive) if at a steady speed.and I got a jerk ill explain it as if u where in 4th gear or any for that matter and slowed down considerably with out engaging the clutch u get that bump almost as if the car is saying CLUTCH.. It did it twice and not again. I know this is a lot of info I just want to give as much as possible to see if we have any realization. Thank you for your help any advice is GREAT.

posted by  trevor0520

I’m messed up with the same problem and I definitely want to fix it before Wednesday. So far I’m planning to have my gas gauge checked, fuel system cleaned and see if I need to replace my clutch. A friend of mine just referred me to Auto Parts Canada (http://www.autopartsonlinecanada.com/) if I needed convenient shopping of some parts I might need. Well, I just moved here in Canada, so it would be a great help perhaps. If I won’t be able to fix it before Monday, I’d probably just bring it to a shop. Now, I hope somebody could give up some idea or even suggest a good shop to take my vehicle. Thanks in advance!!!

posted by  Jackie

trevor0520, I would take out the instrument pannel and check all the conncetions.. sounds like.. you have a weak connection somewhere in your dash or maybe even a short

As to you Jackie... Canada is a pretty big country.. for anyone to be able to suggest a mechanic.. they would at least need to know which city do you live in.. or at least thats what I think

posted by  ateymura

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