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Well my Koni yellows were blown off. Im trying to get a warranty of them but i cant wait any longer. I figured id just get replacements now and once i get the Konis (if ever) ill go on ahead and sell those.

Anyways, i purchased my KONIs at about 6 months ago, ive only had them on for 4 months. Dont ask how they got blowned so quick, i dont drag or anything. im just a casual driver.
To make a long story short, the website said that im not eligible for a warranty replacement.
Im not sure if the same applys for Koni's website.

My Friend suggested i try out Tokico blues (not even sure if they make them for rsx) or KVB's or KYB's since i dont need the adjustable expensive konis to save money(btw what do you guys think about KVBs / KYBs?).

im all about the comfortability. nothing to stiff. i dont do runs or anything type of racing.

*Anyways right now i have on my eibach sportline springs with blown konis. (there are still some pressure left but its practically blown)

Im thinking to play it safe and do what i should've done in the begining and put some more extra $$$ into my car and get a decent set of coilovers.

now, im back to the drawing board again wondering what would suit me best and save me the most money.

i want a 1.5 to 2" drop on my car. again, i need it to be as soft and smooth as possible since im no racer. Im just in it for the looks.

so now its either save money (+ the eibach springs i spent money on and) find a decent pair of shocks that can support my 1.8r 1.5f drop.
Go for the gold and get a full coilver set!

posted by  Ki2AY

depends how low you are

I am running my 01 civic on tokico HP blues with a neuspeed sport drop..they arent designed for a drop over 1.75 inches, so if you have more than that, get the illumina struts. I am 90% sure that they are the same exact ones for your car as the ones for mine. Get in touch with tokico and find out the part numbers or if they even make them for your car (id expect they do...RSX>beat ass civic and they have em for my car). If you say you have a 1.8/1.5 drop, you will be set with the tokico HP struts, and they come with a lifetime warranty (and tokico actually honors it). Ive heard a guy who went through 3 sets for free already cause hes lowered 2.5 inches and keeps blowing them out every 9 months or so. Coilovers arent that great. If you go for something like the tein basic coilovers, they will cost you more than the HP struts (mine were 323 brand new for the set the tein basics are 800+) and not be as good because they are the bottom line coilovers so you wont get any real benefit except look and a more harsh ride. If you decide to go GOLD and get something like the tein flex system (1500+ for your car), it will be good with adjustable damping and ride height, but i cant seem to justify the cost of them since its still just a drop, plus its gona take a long time for u to set em the way u want.

My advice, look into the Tokico blues. they are 15-20% firmer than stock shocks for my car, and are still comfortable.

Good luck! any other questions contact me

posted by  newyorker

All I can say is make sure you have a shock that is properly matched to damp your spring. Call suspension experts who deal with your type of cars and ask them . Cause if you get a shock that cant control the spring its gonna ride liek shit, and perform that way to.

posted by  Enthusiast

hey thanks for the post.
anyways i cant seem to find illumina struts anywhere? ive even check ebay.
and im not so sure about buying struts ive never heard of before.

whered you get your HP struts?

and my budget is only a grand for coilvers. i may be able to put a lil more into it. but definetly not over 1500$ and thats including installation and labor fees.

posted by  Ki2AY

now if i get coilover sets, i wouldnt have to worry about that right?
i think thats the reason why my shocks blew off.

posted by  Ki2AY

Installation cost ME 115 and I got lucky on that other shops wanted up to 300. I got my Tokico HPs on ebay, but I dont know if you can find the same. Try to contact Tokico directly, also check and if you dont see them in stock, email them and ask Eddie to see if he can get them for ya. I say stick with springs and struts..the only good coilovers most of the time are the top of the line ones, the basic ones are just as getting a strut and spring but being able to adjust it. Illumina struts are just a line of Tokico, and are more agressive than the HP blues. Like I said, try to get on and look around.

Just saw that they dont have them. Contact Eddie and see if he can get em, or you can go with the more expensive Bilstein and Koni struts and shocks. Any other questions, let me know.

PS check out the site I sent you via. private message.

posted by  newyorker

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