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hey guys,
Well I need a car and my old pontiac catalina is on hold right now because of the amount of money needed for it. There is an 86 toyota mr2 near me, it has the 1.6l 4age motor (with about 150K miles on it), and a 5 speed standard trans. they want $700 for it, but the paint is a little messed up, and it will need a new window.

should I buy it?

posted by  azkid110



posted by  azkid110

Honestly...no. Buying an '86 car with 150K miles on it just spells trouble. Paint and window aside, you will probably end up paying more to keep this car running than you should. I'd suggest looking for an alternative. :2cents:

posted by  Nissan_Altima

I'd go for it, 150,000-miles on this engine isn't that excessive. I suggest you haggle for as much off the asking price as possible though! If it only lasts a few months, nevermind. At this price you can't expect a car to last forever!

posted by  Cliffy

The price is right.

Bring it to a mechanic or a mechanically inclined friend and get his opinion.

posted by  What

If its built like the celica's the thing will keep thumping for a while (a while longer than the mitsu's anyway), but why not for the price

posted by  240SXSR20DET

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