I found an abandoned Nissan 350Z in front of a Kawasaki Shop

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I stoped by the Kawasaki/Suzuki shop off the main freeway in Plano Texas. After I bought some hot donuts from Crispy Cremes nearby. While I was walking towards the door of the shop. I spotted an orange car.
It was pretty filthy but I could tell with a little soap and water and some polish it would probably look pretty good.
I inspected it and realized it was a 350Z. I asked the people inside about it and they said it was there all night and they were going to tow it away pretty soon since it was in front of the store and everything.

Alot of you guys may be wondering why no one would steal it. The reason is that people in Texas are generally stupid and they aren't familar with Japanese cars as much as someone from California or somewhere else would. Probably thought it was a dirty cheap import.

Oh and this was 3 or 4 days ago. I don't know if the owner came back or they towed it away.

posted by  Passerby

I from texas and trust me I know more about car wether they be japanese or american than you ever will.

posted by  Enthusiast

I believe you. But didn't Japanese cars just recently start to pop up around here a few years ago?

posted by  Passerby

Uh thats a negative.
Ive seen modified import since I could remeber. In the early 90s there was a japanes hp war goin on. Remeber the 3000gt 300zx Supra and RX-7

posted by  Enthusiast

I'm confused. Why would anybody dump a 350Z infront of a shop and just leave it there? Surely even if people in Texas are thick, some would still steal it because it's there.....? Am I missing a secret point to this one somewhere?

posted by  Cliffy

You're a bit thick. People dump cars, especially nice ones, because they are stolen. And because a nice car is abandoned, you expect someone to steal it? People rarely steal cars...especially from in front an establishment. You go to jail for that. There are police in Texas too.

posted by  What

Maybe they were confused, considering a California native designed the 350Z. :laughing: BTW, my wife is originally from Plano. I know that place!

posted by  SPRS4

Yeah, but stuff like that was done and is done by hardcore import geeks. I mean t Japanese cars being recognized by the general public. Back then the only Japanese car company most people knew about was Toyota and I think maybe Honda.
Since more Japanese car companies are increasing their presence in America more people are becoming more aware about cars like the Mitsubishi GTO, Toyota Supra, and Mazda RX-7&8.

But people from Texas are slow at catching on to things. So the recognition of Japanese cars would be even slower among the general population.

A tune shop in Dallas. Jotech said that when they came to North Texas in the mid 1990's there were only dodge chargers and mustangs.

I'm a little slow too. I couldn't figure out why anyone would not steal it. But I guess I overestimated a car thieve's stupidity.

posted by  Passerby

Wait are you serious? That can't be possible can it? So you know it because you visit you're wife's relatives who live out here?

posted by  Passerby

Yeah, we visit often and I know of the area. In fact, we will probably be moving to Texas in the next year, but perhaps end up in College station.

posted by  SPRS4

Obviously not many. I'm guessing the police would have at least stumbled across on their rounds....

posted by  Cliffy

How are police supposed to know its abandoned> maybe it isnt there are plenty of other logical explanations

posted by  Enthusiast

Given the subject in hand, I assumed it was blatantly obvious that it was abandoned. If it wasn't obvious, why would somebody enquire about it at all? You wouldn't enquire about a car that was just parked outside a shop, outside office hours, would you?

posted by  Cliffy

I wouldnt but there are some really dumb people in this world

posted by  Enthusiast

You might think a stereotypical slack-jawed Texan might not know what a 350Z is, but car thieves know cars. Given the ratio of imports to domestics stolen that I hear of, they probably know more about imports.

posted by  giant016

let me get this straight you really needed to INSPECT it to tell that it was a 350z????
and you dare to call anyone stupid?? or claim that some people dont know japanese cars??

I wonder how could you tell it was abandoned????

oh yes... it was sitting in front of a shop a WHOLE freaking night.. it's definitely abandoned... did you ever consider that someone might have ran into a little car problem..
left it there to come back and take a look in the morning with day light???

I could go on and on and on ... but to cut it short man what are you talking about???

posted by  ateymura

I'm guessing it would be parked in a way that looks like it's been abandoned. I'm wondering also whether or not the keys were in it, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

Wow, i guess the texans are pretty out of it. The Japanese have been around for a pretty long time, and make up a large portion of the cars in North America. In fact Toyota is now the largest Automaker in the world, Honda, Nissan are gaining market share while the domestics are only losing it. So the Texans better catch on quick.

posted by  aerith

The same way they know that cars are stolen or that you have a speeding ticket on your driving record. By looking them up in a thing called a police database. You know where they keep records on criminals, parking tickets, warrants etc... People rarely loose $30k vehicles and do NOT report them stolen.

What would that make you 7? I'm sure you had your "expert" knowledge that you possess now at that age. Give us a break... :banghead:

Yeah and judging by your comments you definitely fit that bill. Would you like a receipt?

posted by  DSMer

What if the car hadnt been reported stolen yet. What do you expect cops to do run the plate on every parked car in a parking lot? That'd be a logical thing to do. Good One

I said there was a japanese hp war going on in the early 90s, was I wrong? No. There was.

I said Ive seen modded imports as long as I could remeber, did I say I remeber the hp war...No. I simply said Ive seen modded imports since I could remeber. You amaze me with your petiness and slight retardation sometimes.

posted by  Enthusiast

Right... because when expensive pieces of machinery go missing for several days they tend to not be reported stolen. Don't be as inept as you portray yourself to be.

posted by  DSMer

This is really sad. Why are texans dumber than californians? Maybe some of us californias have been reading too much sport compact car or something. Last time I checked Texas was one of the larger modified import supporting states. There are alot of Supras and RX-7's there. Alot more than where I live any way (nor-cal, though I visit socal alot).

The reason it wasn't stolen is that stealing is illegal. In the video game world, thats fine. In the real world though, you go to rail over stealing a dirty car. And you don't get to keep the car. I think maybe all those "dumb texans" have a couple more licks of sense than you might think?

Whats with all the stereotyping. :/

posted by  rudypoochris

SEVERAL DAYS?! Read the OP. Its says 1 NIGHT!!!!

Man you are the inept one. KIDS go missing longer than 1 NIGHT without being reported.:fu:

posted by  Enthusiast

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