can a ESI talon handle a turbo with the stock engine?

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hey i got a 96 esi talon and i was wondering can dose it have the same engine as the tsi? or is it a diferent block...and if so can it still handel a turbo?

posted by  shadow

I believe the motors are different not sure...let one of the DSM guys come in here and answer...check your PM box

posted by  newyorker

They have different engines. The 96 esi Talon has the 420A engine and yes,its iron block can handle a turbo. The stock guts can handle about 8 psi.

But for the cash of that build up, you'd probably save money selling that car and buying a TSi...and AWD.

posted by  What

Yeah I agree with what if you want turbo just sell your esi and save a little more for a tsi or gsx. The 420a is a good commuter motor but if your looking to make power in a dsm go with the 4G63. They can handle much more boost on stock internals and with buying a gsx or tsi you have AWD. Or Gs-t with FWD is even turbo. All up to you.

posted by  Spanky2324

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