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what is the best year and model of the civic's?

posted by  Earshot Imports

depend on what you want.
I like the styling of the hatches like elchangos but Id want a new K series in it

posted by  Enthusiast

anything except the 01-05 (excluding the 02-05 Si hatchback)

posted by  newyorker

Anything from 92-00!:2cents: :thumbs:

posted by  elchango36

awesome thanks I was planning on buying a 1994 :rock:

posted by  Earshot Imports

What ever happened to your precious Talon TSI?

posted by  elchango36

Ha who says I can't have to cars... j/k I'm still deciding on what I want.

posted by  Earshot Imports

my opinion prolly the 00 civic si:2cents:

posted by  Semaj

2007 si

posted by  07exlv6

Your right on the 01. I lost my transmission at 60K.

posted by  puttputt

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