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I have an Infiniti G35 and I was wondering what everyone thought about it as a car and what you think would look good on my car. And this might not be a good thing but, I also want to know some things I can do to my car to make it faster.
F.Y.I. my car looks exactly like it would when you buy it off the dealership lot. The avatar I have looks almost exactly like mine...only difference is that mine is white.

posted by  struTTinTelloS

Id lower it, lip kit, nice big wheels 19x9 rear 18x8 front, with a deep dish, and tint. for performance, get an exhaust for it, as well as an intake. Fujita air intakes are a great start.

posted by  newyorker

Alright thanks

posted by  struTTinTelloS

Well here's my thoughts, if you want better looks and performance, you need to be careful. If you're adding on weight with giant dished rims, and whatever else for looks, then there isn't going to be a real good reason to dump money into performance.

So here's what I'd say for looks:
-Slight drop, maybe get a nice set of adjustable coilovers, allows you to change the ride height easier.
-Bigger rims, but not dished, and lightweight.
-Tint the shit out of it. 3% metallicized black if you can find it, looks dark as hell, and the colour won't fade, usually warrantied for life.

Performance, as newyorker said, exhaust and intake is definitely a good start. As it's a new car, I'd be leery about doing anything too major, as you might be looking at voiding your warranty.

If you want to see a large selection of parts, and what I find to often be one of the lowest costing places on the net, check out sportcompactonly

posted by  dodgerforlife

Do not go coilovers. A big misconception is you can just change ride height whenever you want. Alot of people dont know that every time you adjust your ride height evn just slightly, you need an Alignment. I say just get a good set of drop springs and matched (thats the key) and then install it get it alignment and leave it alone.

ALso tint and nice wheels. I say go 18s.

posted by  Enthusiast

Yea. Coilovers to get a good ride, you have to buy very expensive ones and tweak the ride height and damping (if available) and its still too expensive. I prefer my shocks and springs that work very well:)

posted by  newyorker

Alright anything else i should look at??

Oh and i got my windows tinted on tuesday...20%...It looks good.

posted by  struTTinTelloS

Oh and doger I looked for 3% and I couldnt find it. And since I wanted it done this week I went ahead and got 20% but if I find it and like it I might change it out.

posted by  struTTinTelloS

3% is just asking for trouble man

5% is whats used on limousines 3% youll have a very hard time even seeing out

posted by  newyorker

Yeah my dad has 5% on his porshe (looks good!) and ive gotten accustomed to that. So do you think that it would be hard to adjust to 3%??
Well, do you think I should get my windows darker than 20% or just keep 'em like that for a lil bit??

posted by  struTTinTelloS

The difference between 3 and 5 is so minimal. I have 3% on all 3 back windows, and I have a lot of friends with 5...I can't really tell, except for the fact that it just looks a little darker from the outside. Looking through it from the change. Even at night it's still pretty easy to see through.

posted by  dodgerforlife

The difference between 5% and 3% is minimal and you will not have any trouble adjusting to 3% after adjusting to 5%. However, since you already have 20%, I would just keep it for now. Get used to driving in it at night and see how you like it. It'll also give you a chance to see how big of assholes cops are in your area. After all, 3% is as close to putting in black trash-bags instead of windows as it gets.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Heh...I went from clear to 3%, and it wasn't bad at all. And thankfully the laws around here say you can go as dark as you want on the back three....I could paint them black if I wanted to...Never had a problem with cops, and I've gone through probably 4 stopchecks, and pulled over twice with it, and they didn't say anything.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Id stick with the 20%. Ive had it on both of my cars and I love it. Good shade, dark enough at night, dark enough in the day, and doesnt look too ghetto.

BTW what film do you have? I have Llumar, did the shop tell you what they used??

posted by  newyorker

I knew...but I forgot..I can call and ask them on monday when they're open again.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Dodger what do you drive

posted by  Enthusiast

Right now, an 05 SX 2.0. Should be picking up an 06/07 Ram 2500 CTD in about 2-3 months. All depends on what kind of deal they offer when I go in to get it.

posted by  dodgerforlife

You know no one calls it that...are you ASHAMED? SAY IT! neon

Enthusiast drives a Chevrolet Camaro.
"What" has a Ford Mustang.
The most manly thing you could pull from the "other" company is a NEON.

And then you try to justify yourself with a "wait! wait! I'm trading it for a Ram!" You ain't trading shit. You're gonna keep that sissy crap.

SX 2.0...whatever. If it ain't an SRT-4, it's a f*ckin' NEON.

posted by  What

What, you ****ing genius. Look at where I live, Saskatchewan. Yes, call it a Neon, **** I call it that too most times, but in Canada we trashed the Neon name in 2003, so I'm calling it by it's CANADIAN model designation. Get over yourself.

And secondly, yes, I am going to be trading it in. Do you want me to post a pretty picture of "What is my pimp" as a sign in it when I bring it home?

posted by  dodgerforlife

To answer part of your original question. I think its a pretty good car in the performance department, but in the styling department; its a bore. The exterior styling blends in with the crowd. And the interior styling to the pre-07 models are embarassing, the interior would be cheap in a Honda Accord.

posted by  aerith

I like the car alright. I would first fool around with the suspension getting some coilovers and springs in the 400lbin range, nothing more. Then I would get some 9 to 9.5" wheels with sticky street tires. I would top it all off with a turbo setup or head straight to cutting weight to make it a track beast. I have a feeling your not feeling the race car approach though. :)

posted by  rudypoochris

Actually that sounds very cool. Just a guess but I take it that you just might like the racing look on your cars. :wink2:

posted by  struTTinTelloS

Is this forum still going ?

Seems a long time between the last listing ?

posted by  airseating

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