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Hello all,
i am in a difficult situation , because i have to show ppeace of paper that show my Fto is 120kw or 160bhp.Is there anyone who can help me because i cant register my car in Bulgaria if i dont have this paper.

posted by  FtoBeast

Your best bet would be to contact Mitsubishi and see if they can help you out. The only other thing that I could see is a dyno sheet showing that, but it really depends on what the insurers in Bulgaria would allow. So I would recommend finding out exactly what kind of information they would allow, and go from there...if they say a manufacturer's paper is good enough, talk to Mitsu...if a dyno chart is good, then find a local dyno. If it's something else...then come see what we can find.

posted by  dodgerforlife

so all they need to see is a paper thats shows that the car is 160bhp or 120 kw. and then i can register the car in bulgaria for free or if i dont show them this information i need to pay 1700 pounds.i talk to mitsubishi dealer and they said that can not issue me this i need to find another way to show them this informacion.even if is fake just have to look as a real paper.

posted by  FtoBeast

jjust get a dyno sheet or d/l an official looking piece of paper off the net

posted by  bebopin64

Then another likely thing to try is to look for mitsubishi fto clubs. A quick google search revealed this:

Find whichever one matches your car, and go to town!

posted by  dodgerforlife

Where are you in Bulgaria? I'm there now lol.

posted by  chris_knows

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