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I don't think ANYONE is going to remember me. Man it's been a long time.

Well anyways, if anybody is wondering I posted here almost 3 years ago. About buying a GT-R 34.

Yes, I bought it, and I've babied it like no other car I've had. lol.

Although I came up short of money afterwards...lol. Probably during the following 2-3 months.

Today I went for a drive and somehow remembered what made me buy it. It was this forum.

Just wanted to say what's up guys! heh and what's new.


posted by  blazed

This thread is useless without pics

posted by  Enthusiast

Oh and BTW
Skyline = Most Overrated car ever.

Good car until the whole ricer crowd elevated it to a almost godlike level. Almost none of the people who rant and rave about this car actually know specs. Last I heard the Skylines (excluding the Z tune) where runnin mid to low 13s in stock trim. Pretty slow if you ask me for what you pay for the car.

Not saying its a bad car but it just doesnt live up to the mystique surrounding it

posted by  Enthusiast

I think I remember you. Or at least that signature anyway, lol. Glad we were of help.....judging by your post-count I guess it was an easy enough decision? lol. Welcome back! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

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