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SO Im in the Z and Im headed to my girlfriends house to drop her off, and she is in the passenger seat sleeping, so I had all the dash lights turned off, and it was dark so I couldnt see anythign on the gauge panel. Oh and I turned my ASR on so I would have a completely black gauge panel. Well I come up to the stop sign before her house, where I always parctice my drag launches and there is a nice lookin hatch to my left making a turn so I throw him a rev or two and he moves from the turn lane to the one next to me and revs back.

So he says he wants to go and he'll give me the hit and I go liek hell im takin the hit from a civic so I roll out to a about 5mph and give him the nod. He jumps on it firsta dn completely shreds the tire and 1st and I just sit think this guys are retard then bam he hits second before I even decide to jump on it. So hes already in 2nd and Im just gettin on it and he get 1 car on me. But Im about to smoke his ass, but when Im about to be ready to shift I look down and I have no tach cause its dark as hell.:banghead: :orglaugh: and My accelerators kickin back because the car is tryin to spin and the damn ASR is on:banghead: :orglaugh: .

But I just guess, I doubt I shifted lower than 5300 rpms though, I reeled him back in and passed him 60. Cool lookin car and pretty quick for a honda too.

Oh and Im pretty damn sure it was N/A so I thought that was cool.

posted by  Enthusiast

So you street-raced a civic...with your girlfriend in the car...without lights...AND came here to tell an entire forum. What an idiot.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Please, how many times did we race when I had my neon lol. And his interior lights were off, im pretty sure not headlights.

posted by  newyorker

I hope you're right on the headlights. I didn't catch that.

Regarding the first part of the post, not that many. Even then, I did some stuff that was stupid but at least I didn't brag about it. Furthermore, I would never race with my gf in the passenger seat.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Thats true lol. Especially if she was sleeping. We did most of our racing you know where anyway...up for round 2?? Civic vs. Sentra

For you il even shift at 6k not 7

posted by  newyorker

He spent the whole first paragraph explaining it, yet you didn't catch it? :laughing:

I'm a bit confused here, Enthusiast. You turn all of your dash lights off as if to let your Girlfriend have a peaceful sleep, and then you race a ricer in a Civic....Kind of defeats the object of turning the dash lights out, doesn't it? Unless I have caught the wrong end of the stick here, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

Headlights were on dash lights were off. I aw the civic, it had a roll cage expensive race seats, and nice new paint, new it was fast but didnt plan on N/A, she had slept long enough.:hi:

I want braggin about racing it I was jut telling yall I finall encountered a quick one, i thought it was kinda cool.

And Nissan Altima I street race deal with it, and my girlfriend likes to street race with me, so you can STFU. Dont hate cause your slow.

posted by  Enthusiast

Yeah my friend raced a 89 Crx but it had a B18c and turbo. Guy was pretty quick against the mustang but still lost. Props to the guy though for building a quick car thats clean and simple. And Altima take a chill pill bro. So enthusiast raced. You raced new yorker. He had fun and I would've too but to each his own. Thanks for sharing enthusiast.

posted by  Spanky2324

Nissan Altima, New sissies. Whats wrong with racing with a girl in your car? You two go ahead and keep believing in the "damsel in distress" foolishness from the fairytales and keep subjecting your girls' to boring but 'safe' outings and you'll soon find her f*cking my dangerous and adventurous brother. Girls like men that take risk, men that assert themselves. AGGRESIVE men. This ain't the 50's, you two bitches. Girls your age want to tell their girlfriends how crazy their boyfriends are.

If you two want to be super safe and sissified, trade your youth with a 50 year old so he can take advantage of today's hot,nasty,and FUN girls.

posted by  What

I ain't hatin' dawg.

Your typing matches the IQ that I thought you had after I saw your post. My car is slower than yours but my life is better than yours will ever be. You're pathetic. I hope you wrap your car around a pole street racing one time for the sake of everyone around you and for the sake of your girlfriend so that she can experience a real man, not a no-d*ck b*tch like you.

That's fantastic. I'm not saying that there's no interest in adventure but I am saying that your girlfriend will like you a lot less when you wrap your car with in her in it around a pole a block from her house.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

I street race too...arrest me lol

I race with people on the street, but if the speed limit is like 35, il just gun it to 55 or 60 and let off..I dont go to the race spots either they are just crawling with cops

posted by  newyorker

Here we go again. Street Racing aint big, and it aint clever. Proof that Street Racing can seriously affect one's mental state is quite clear in 'What's' post....I'm sure he practices being a knobhead. I'm sure this is why Entusiasts posts seem harder to read each time, too actually! That's it. it's ALL down to street racing.

posted by  Cliffy

STREET RACE TO SEE WHO WINS THE THREAD!!!! lol j/k but anyways everybody I'm sure has raced on the street before so quit complaining. You may not know it but a cop can consider a street race to be against another car, time, or a certain route from a to b. So if you think about it every time your late for work your "racing" the clock to get to work on time. Thats my :2cents:

posted by  Spanky2324

Oh yah your right I have a horrid IQ. Thats why im on full scholarchip right now. Im southern so I say "y'all", "ain't" and I usually drop my "G"s, and it comes out in my typing because its the way I speak. Oh and my keyboard had soda spilt on it so some keys stick and don't type, I know the "s" is bad about it.

Oh and a good driver can get into a little street race now and then and not kill people and wreck other people's car. Its the damn retarded ricers, that give us all a bad name. Im at the street races every week, sometimes twice, when I'm off on Thursdays. The good racers don't wreck because we dont do a 80 roll on a packed freeway. We go to an industrial sector where there is no one besides up and we even prep it like the track. So far Ive never seen an accident except when the dumbass ricer find us or some retarded stunters screws up his bike.

I'm sure you are a real man, and your right im a "no-dick bitch." ahahaha. Wait what do you do for a living. Ever heard of hard work. I am a real man ****er, I work hard for my money and I invest it and spend it smartly (well you know besides buyin a slow lt1 ahahaah), I treat my gf like she should be treated and she loves me for it, and Im an all around nice guy. Remeber real men come from the south.

Also I love my life. Im 19, in college and on the way to having a great job in petroleum engineering, the grades come easy, I've got a great girlfriend and family, I love my job, Ive got a 69 firebird and a 97 camaro (both of which are faster than a sentra:orglaugh:, i dont have to worry about money, and a great group of friends. Like I said I have a great life. Oh and street racing makes it all the sweeter. EWWW:fu:

My girlfriend likes the occasional street race when I put a mustang or gay sentra in its place, and Im not dumb enough to wrap this car around a tree.

Let me break it down for you...
In a car there is
-An Accelerator
-A Brake Pedal
-A Shifter
-A Parking Brake
-A Steering wheel

All of these are to be used to control your vehicle wether you are just driving casually, street racing, or in a emergency situation. Learn to use them and quit preaching to others.

Oh and so everyone is clear. I street race and I probably always will. I street raced in the car I learned to drive in, my uncle ernies 69 camaro. Had a 383 and rockcrusher. He taught me to drag race in that and then when 500hp wasnt enough he did low comp pistons and changed the cam to accomadate the turbo setup, which was later swapped for a supercharger setup. Im pretty sure I never put a 700hp 4 speed car into anythign street racing at 16, i doubt im gonna hurt anything now.

Anything else

posted by  Enthusiast

do you truly believe you are this good, or does it just make you feel better to preen on the interweb?

I'm sure you'll now get the respect you "deserve" because everyone will read that post and go ..."wow, he's a great guy with way more skills than me" :roll:

posted by  windsonian

OH yah man exactly. I love bein an E-thug. Dey da bestest

posted by  Enthusiast

Exactly. Enthusiast, with an attitude like that you're going to kill yourself sooner or later. So what if you kit the streets out like a track. The bottom line is, you STREET RACE, so it's still a street you are racing on. I honestly can't believe what you wrote about all the instruments in the average car, and how you think that if you are a good driver you won't screw up. Ayrton Senner was a good driver and look what happened to him!

I have "Raced" on the streets, but I grew out of it about 5-years ago, a year after getting my license. I also wouldn't really cal, it racing in the definition you use it, this was more driving from traffic light to traffic light on a dual carriageway. I'm no angel as far as driving goes, infact I nearly lost it about 3-yrs ago for having no insurance. Times were hard at the time, and if I could have afforded to insure my car I would have, only trouble was, I needed the car, with or without insurance. I has made me look at my license with far greater respect than I used to.

So with a conviction for causing death by dangerous driving on your record, would you say you'd still be a success in business and with your friends? I recon your Girlfriend would dump you and you'd find it extreamly difficult to get a job when you get out of prison. But hey, don't let us stop you, or even influence you.

Carry on.

posted by  Cliffy

Above you can find 3 examples of your punctuation or grammar errors (your and you are are two different phrases pumpkin'). I'm not even putting in anything without an "s" because of your keyboard. I'm very happy to hear you have a nice "scholarchip." Assuming this is true, it means nothing. I've been admitted to the University of Pennsylvania, ranked up to 7th in the country and 15th in the world, while paying a price so low you probably would not believe me if I told you. Yet, I do not consider myself especially smart and I still do stupid sh*t myself. But hey, at least I know how to type, right?

Thank you very much for the lessons. Here's the difference between us, bud. I'm not an arrogant idiot who thinks he is a pro at 19 years old. You think you're so damn good? Give me an f*ckin' break. You can street race a 700hp car? Congratulations. Your life is still pathetic and you are still an idiot. People just LIKE you hurt people. People that hate on ricers, while doing the exact same thing they do, hurt innocent people. If you are such a pro, why don't you take it to the track and get your rear ended handed to you?

You do not have to worry about credentials; I can assure you I got plenty. I have been doing medical research for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for the past 2+ years in the interest of curing inflammatory diseases and now my work earns me money most people my age don't dream of. But I'm not here to brag. Remember, I'm not the one that thinks I'm all that. Not by a mile. You think I can't afford your car? Think again. However, some of us don't need a large engine to make up for something else.

While we're on the subject of making up, are you 19? How come your profile says you're 21? Come on, let the lying begin...we're all waiting. If the money is so easy for you, then why don't you buy yourself a new keyboard? I'm sure that's pocket change for you! For the millionth time, yes your cars are faster than mine but your life is still not half as good. Enjoy street racing your cars while they last and having your girlfriend while she's still there...maybe when they both leave you because of your stupidity, the senses will start to kick in.

So are you going to shut up now, or write more error-full messages to make us all laugh? Have a nice day.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Yeah street racing is okay as long as your in a low terrific area and you have ppl on each end watching for terrific.:thumbs:

posted by  HS-Imports

You dont even have to have anyone watching. Hell I just raced my friend 4 times on the way home within a 2 mile period, but I was smart. I took it up to 65 and let off, then watched him fly by me and keep going to 80 or so and slam the brakes at every light.

posted by  newyorker

Just because you let off the accelerator at 65 doesn't mean you're safe. You going up to 65 provokes your friend into going faster, and can cause him to drive beyond their limits; if something happens to him/her at 80 and you're close behind going at 65, there's a high chance that you could rear end them or careen into them. Street racing is dumb no matter where you are or how fast you go. If you need some adrenaline, go to a track or go skydiving, both safer than street racing.

posted by  aerith

Wow, here's a true idiot at work. Just because you haven't done anything bad before doesn't mean nothing is going to happen in the future. You have never had cancer before, does that mean you will never have cancer? Your logic is flawed, if you're 19 as you claim, you're still young, you are not nearly as skilled as you think you are.

Even the best drivers in the world can mess up on the street. It doesn't matter how good you are, if the guy you are T-boning at 150mph is a freaking idiot at the wheel. The road is an ever changing entity, and like life has many variables you cannot control; ie a lost tourist and his wife lost in one of your supposedly empty areas, or a stray dog runs out on to the street, and you try to swerve; which you will, no matter how good you may think you are, it is hard to avoid the instinct to swerve. That's why you go to a track where nothing can surprise you.

700hp? Big deal, i have friends with 800hp 350Z's, but they keep their cars on the track with no light poles to crash into.

posted by  aerith

I'm sure he thought he was good too. Now someone has to tell his parents, who are forever ruined, that their son is dead because he wanted a high-speed thrill. Any takers?

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Il tell them...parents should have some control over their kids and not let them run around doing whatever they wait. Besides, when we hung out, you would speed all the time and shit..I still remember you on the way back from chens at midnight on the highway...90mph tailgating a truck :wink2:

Lets play this out

its midnight, and your 19 year old son comes up to you saying "dad im going out"...

maybe instead of saying "ok do whatever you wait" they should say "no you are staying the **** at home"

posted by  newyorker

Are you trying to be an idiot or does it come to you naturally? Can your parents control you? Parents only have so much control over their kids. At 19, you should be mature enough to control your own actions. Notice the keyword is "should"...idiots like you are excluded. You drove your parents nuts over tints and other "money-wasting-bolt on's" yet they could never really stop you. Same goes for going out.

I do not remember the experience you are talking about because it was about 2 years ago. Even if it did happen, how many times did I say that I never think I drive/act perfectly. I do stupid sh*t just like every other teenager. However, I never street race and then brag about it. I'm above that. Are you?

posted by  Nissan_Altima

**** you misha. you think ur better than me in some way?? im sure youve had your share of shit happen, some that your parents might not know about, so dont point the finger at me trying to make me look bad. It depends how people are raised, and who they are around. If parents take the time to raise their kids up to the age of 16-18, there shouldnt be any problems (there will always be exceptions), but when parents tell their kids all their lives "do whatever you feel is right", most cases the child doesnt grow up what you and I would consider "normal". The only reason you dont race (if i take your word for it) is because you dont have a car, and feel responsible when you drive the sentra, and thats a good thing. however, if you had that VR4 you want, id either see you racing everywhere, or wrapped around a pole. My parents couldnt stop me becuase it was my own car and my own money. They always nagged me about it, but I never listened in that case. However other things that they tell me I listen to because its valuable information, not just an opinion on their part that im "wasting money on boltons" kthnxbye

posted by  newyorker

you can be driving down the road racing a buddy and having some fun and then get hit by someone else...this can also happen when you are just driving to school. the media uses these popular dangerous events to try and scare people away from street racing, but the media isnt always right. Notice how in most street racing stories, they say "the suspect may have been street racing with another vehicle"

posted by  newyorker

You and Enthusiast would make a perfect couple. You both live for your car, both think as pathetic individuals, and, most importantly, would have a combined IQ a third of Bush's. Isn't this wonderful?

While nurture has a lot to do with a person's decisions at 16-18, nature plays a vital role. My parents are the most lenient parents I have ever seen in my life. Unless it's something incredibly insane, they tell me to do what feels right and tell me that I am old enough to make my own decision. Though they advise and guide me frequently, they never make decisions for me. At this point in my life, although yes, I have done stupid stuff, I can honestly say that I'm living on a fairly successful path. So, you are wrong. Lenient parency (if that's a word?) can lead to a "normal", as you call it, teen.

I find it remarkable how you tell me why I don't street race. Do you see me telling you why you're a moron? I, and only I, know why I don't street race. My Sentra is as much my car as your Civic is yours. I don't street race because I'm not a moron. If I had a VR4, I would not street race it either. I don't see the point of putting myself and others at risk. Again: I am not saying I drive perfectly and abide by every law. I am not saying I'm perfect. But I am saying that I have enough brains to know the difference between right and wrong and I usually act on it.

Your parents can advise, but at this point, they can't really control you. It has nothing to do with them being bad parents, it has everything to do with the fact that everyone grows up and eventually makes their own decisions. The same is in my family.

You can get run over by a car while taking the trash out of your driveway so does that mean we should go play in traffic? Stop thinking like you're 12. A car accident can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone but that does not mean you should increase your chances and the chances of those around you. Statistics are statistics. There are reasons for why it's banned.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

See thats not any kind of argument, its just stupid. Besides, you and I both know that im not a moron, and neither are you, but we just make different decisions

Thats why I said there are always exceptions. Your parents dont control you because they know you are a responsible and sensible person (most of the time from what I know firsthand), and they have no reason to give you orders. By the way, its not a word, its called parenting.

How am I a moron. Bringing out insults with no real backing is childish, and you call me immature. :banghead: . You might not street race, but I cant imagine that when you are out with your friends riding in a group that you dont have a pull on one of them, or do any kind of dumb act, and you are then putting yourself and others at risk just as much as if you were to go to 61st and hit 100.

Thats true, and I know I havent made perfect decisions my whole life, but I have no real big regrets about my past, and thats what I care about.

Yes its rightfully banned, but I find it aggrivating that the media tries to always scare everyone with crap like this. Watch 30 minutes of TV, and you will see what I mean. The media tries to keep everyone down by scaring people unrightfully. I dont mean to sound like some kind of teacher, but I find it annoying that TV can just take these things and flip em around to have them benefit their ratings. I know ive gone off topic here but im sure you know what I mean

posted by  newyorker

Haha man this is freakin retarded. I street race, and all of you can deal with it.

Sorry about the grammar, but I don't give a shit about my grammar when I'm typing on a car forum. I try and make it coherent and apparently everyone figured it out cause it pissed them off.

For whoever said it I do go to the track, and I run consistently in the 11s on the spray, but I dont like going cause an 11 with an M6-10bolt car on DRs is asking for a FUBARED rear. About getting my rear end handed to me. No shit 11s are slow compared to just about every other domestic ever at the tracks. This whole thread was about a civic that caught me off gaurd and almost beat me. If I had a problem with getting beat I probably wouldn't have made this.

Some of you woudl understand if you would go to real street races and see how its done. No one is around and we prep the street. Kinda hard to kill someone when noones around.

I street race and Im done with this thread cause it was supposed to be a discussion abotu civics and a bunch of pansy bitches had a rough day at the beach and got some sand in their cooter, and completely derailed the topic.

posted by  Enthusiast

You knob. Did you not read the part about swerving to avoid that dog? It's instinct....Hell I even brake hard and/or swerve to avoid rabbits. If you just aim for them and remain focused on the road beyond them, you really need your license taken away. It's called hazard perception. I love the way you have avoided all of the objections to your antics here, I really do. It just makes you sound more and more like a whinging kid with every post you make. Moving back to what you were saying about "prepping the street". Did you prep the street to make it safe when you met this Civic? No, because you just 'found' him. Basically all of what you've typed here is rubbish. Stop avoiding responding to anything bar your spelling habits, and take it like a man. By saying "I street race, deal with it!" is the same as saying "I'm too bloody stupid to respond with anything useful"....:banghead:

posted by  Cliffy


posted by  Nissan_Altima

Swerving to avoid a dog is stupid, and anybody who knows about defenive driving knows its better to hit a dog than dodge it a bunch of times. A buddy of mine dodged a dog and lost control and hit a tree totalling the car. If he would have hit it he probably bould have bought a new intercooler and lip kit.

I dont swerve for dogs unless I find it comlpetely safe to if I see a dog and Im racing ill brake and try and stop and if I cant well thats one more dog that wont walk in the road.

posted by  Enthusiast

You are absolutely the stupidest person I have ever conversated with. The stuff you is so ignorant and so pathetic, I wonder how you have truly lived 19 years of your life to this day. Firstly, I thought you were done with this thread? Do you feel like you are forced to come back and post and make yourself look like an idiot. I am still awaiting a response to my other post. Are you going to keep dodging all conversation like a child to state something stupid. Do you wake up everyday thinknig, "What retarded thing can I say today?"

Firstly, if you are driving and a dog jumps out at you, you will smash brakes and swerve by reflex. Unless you have trained yourself to avoid this reaction, which I am sure you have not, you will do this. Secondly, anyone who talks so emotion-less about running over dogs really has a lot to learn. If I was a mod, I would ban you just for bringing the average IQ of the forum down by 50.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Look this all needs to stop.

posted by  newyorker


posted by  Spanky2324

I haven't finished yet, this idiot needs educating :banghead:

It would possibly be better to hit the dog if you had time to assess the situation, yes. As Nissan Altima said, If a dog runs out on you and you have a split second to react, you WILL react, be it to swerve or to brake, you WILL react. If you have a couple of extra seconds you could maybe get over the shock and sum up the pros and cons in your head...albeit rather speedilly. You might not have time to stop before hitting the animal, and it may not be possible to swerve without stacking you beloved car. I know how it works, I have been a professional driver, driving through the night. I've had to avoid Deer, Rabbits and Cats & Dogs before.

Ok, lets turn the tables here. What if this dog is a member of the public, or a Police Officer etc. It doesn't matter that you and your boy racer freinds have 'prepped' the road, the fact remains that it's still a public road, and as such if somebody's there it's their right of way. What will your excuse be? They shouldn't have been there? Unfortunately, whatever you say isn't going to wash, unless you WERE NOT street racing. But hey, carry on, if you kill somebody it's you who's got to live with it for the rest of your life.

posted by  Cliffy

And it worked. You got an entire thread about you... And there isn't anyone on this forum that's more of a pansy bitch than you. Street racers are just pansy bitches who don't want to find out that their "11-second Camaro" is really a 15 second Camaro. I take their money all the time, if I can get them on the track. Sometimes I let my wife race them. That really f*cks with their ego.

BTW, if you ever want to get ANY sort of respect, try finding out what the truth is and using it. You don't even know what your age is. Are you 19 or 21 (as identified by Nissan_Altima)? My guess is somewhere closer to 14. You are a pathetic little jerkoff. The best part of you ran down your momma's leg 14, 19 or 21 years ago.

P.S. If you're such a renowned "street racer", then why are the only two times you've talked about it is when you beat a Civic and a Cavalier? My guess is those are the only two cars you've ever beat. Someday I wanna be just like you... A giant douche bag.

Have a nice day little fella.

posted by  vwhobo

Eww Hobo decided to come back haha fun

Im 19 douche
Ive never denied that, a while back there was a happy birthday thread and it said I was 21 I told everyone it was wrong and Im 19. Look it up.

Ohh yah your right, my camaro is definetly a 15 second car. Ive ran 15s in my truck, :orglaugh:. With my mods the car runs 11s. Its got more in it but not before I get a rear, some welds, and finish up the suspension. But the car will probably be leaving me so its done with.

The only two times Ive ever posted something about racing were about a cavalier and a civic.

Cavalier was simply because i didnt know cars could possibly be that slow, I was bolt ons untuned and gettin a ton of flase KR, I couldnt even tell if he was on the gas or not even when I wasnt.

The civic was posted because i thought it was cool, a NA civic that probably runs very low 13s or maybe faster since he definetly had a traction problem that night.

Oh and Hobo, what may I ask do you race, cause I know more than you think about racing VWs

posted by  Enthusiast

Well, we'd hope so, because at this point in time, pretty much everyone here thinks you know nothing about everything.

posted by  windsonian

Oh boy that hurt so bad, you cut me deep, you cut me real deep.:thumbs:

posted by  Enthusiast

I'm not trying to insult you.... merely pointing out that you're not in command of the respect that you seem to think you are.
You can fool some of the people all of the time ..... and so on.

posted by  windsonian

:hi: come to philly in about 6-9 months, you can make another thread about how you raced a quick civic :hi:

posted by  newyorker

Firstly, a naturally aspirated Civic would never put fear in my Mustang. Secondly, yeah, I guess I do some sort of street racing...the stoplight man-battle to about 60 mph that occurs every now-and-then when they hear me rumble...but real street racing is lame. That takes effort. Preparation for some unofficial illegal shit? Why? How about we hit up a real track.

Thirdly, what's up with these intellectual and overly thoughtful put-downs. I'd rather call you a bitch and be done with it. But you muthaf*ckas talkin' about beaches and making extreme "most ever" statements. Then some of you clowns are writing "humble" lists of your accomplishments to prove your intelligence. We don't give a fuzz where you researched bitch, this be da internet, you're probably lying.

Wasted legendary words I just will all repeat your flaws. One day you will all appreciate the value of my membership. about ME.

posted by  What

*trys to hold laugh in* A "quick" civic racing a camaro. Come on now newyorker I thought you had more brains than that but I guess not.

posted by  Spanky2324

Its under construction...not my brain, but my car

posted by  newyorker

Yeah it may be under construction but it would never meet up to a camaro or mustangs build or even my gsx. Quit fooling yourself newyorker. Unless you plan to throw in some crazy motor in there(and I'm not talking about any honda motor) then you won't be making that much power to take much. Like a kid at school told me "it sucks being a honda owner because we can only really race other honda owners"

posted by  Spanky2324

thats not true...itl be boosted, wont be running a crazy number, but it will be a quick and responsive spool with enough power for my liking. im not trying to do anything crazy, i like things in moderation...i could have slammed my car for the same cost as i paid for my drop, but i didnt cause i dont like it..i also dont like wheelspin, which is why im using a t25 with 7psi

posted by  newyorker

It still won't be that quick. A kid with a fully gutted 89 civic hatch had a B18 with a T25 turbo he was boosting 12psi and kept up with a stock 06 mustang gt. So how fast do you think you'll be with a boosted econo motor.

posted by  Spanky2324

To run with the V8s your gonna need a swap and boost.

posted by  Enthusiast

/\Ditto/\ and not a swap from honda engine to honda engine but something pretty drastic I'd say. Yet he has nerve to talk about whats 87 mustang:laughing:

posted by  Spanky2324

turbo charge a K20 and put it in your civic and that'll be enough to keep up with the v8 boys.

posted by  GreekWarrior

Really you consistently pull 11's on "the spray". I'd love to see the proof of this. Where are you E.T. receipts?

Really you "prep" the street? What does that involve, some 16 year old kid looking for rocks here and there? Or do you actually have a few street sweepers, torches and a full drag strip crew in the hatch of your car? :laughing: .

I guess that must make it equally as hard to race when "no one" is around too huh? I wonder who the hell is watching these races if no one is there? :banghead:

If you don't like wheel spin then maybe you should be addressing your drive train issues instead of your turbos output which has absolutely nothing to do with how your wheels function in relation the the ground.

Who cares? To run with most anything you'd need more than an exhaust and some headers on your 14 second Camaro. Talk is negligent if you don't have the numbers to back it up. Quit talking up your Camaro like you're the first person ever to beat a Civic with a Camaro.

People with 11 second Camaros don't bother racing on the streets with Honda civics. People with 11 second cars also get them their with a lot more knowledge than you yourself possess.

posted by  DSMer

Welcome back DSMer. :laughing:

posted by  GreekWarrior

Couldnt tell you. Last time I went I let the girlfriend look at them and never got them back.
Best I managed was 11.4 on 150 dry shot and 275 Nitto 555Rs (DRs)
With an S60 and weld and some slicks I could probably hit 11 flat I really need to get the 60 foot down.

Local Guys ep&total=2&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=1

No other traffic, now your just being childish, you know what I meant.

Im not the firt person to beat a civic, I was uprised how quick it was thats what this thread was about. Not bragging about beating a civic but talking about a quick one. Damn learn to read.

I have a little more than Exhaust.
Full Boltons (let me break it down cause you probably dont get it)
Pacesetter Headers and ORY
Hooker Catback
Dual QTP cutouts in Y pipe
Underdrive Puller
Scorpion 1.6 RRs
Proffesional Products 58mm TB
Vortech Elbow
K&N Cold Air Intake

3.73 Gears
T/A Diff cover
Texas Drivetrain Performance built T56 with 1st of tis kind textralia style clutch. (good to 750hp)

Joe O spec Custom grind cam using Comp XE-r lobes
Simple Quick Racing tune

Dyno tune 150 dry shot

a few suspension pieces for drag racing

3540# raceweight

Just began building the 383, the rotating assembly should be in int he next couple days and Im taking shipment on the block today.

I know more about 4th gen F-bodys than you can even imagine.

How many DSMs have you built?

posted by  Enthusiast

Welcome back dsmer:thumbs:

posted by  Spanky2324

Yep that tells it all!

"Hey Stephen Papadakis how fast does that civic run? Can we see the time slips?"

"No my girlfriend took them and never gave them back" :doh:

(Along with your balls too huh?)

Like I said... a 14 second Camaro with an exhaust and headers.

Oooh wow a fancy 6-speed and an even fancier clutch! Check out the brains on BRAD! $2000+ into the tranny and clutch alone and we STILL don't see any considerable upgrades. Well at least your clutch and tranny are good to 750HP. Shall we continue?

You wouldn't happen to have anything of importance pertaining to those custom cams like their lift, duration, overlap, lobe separation and timing? Or are you just calling out parts?

Ooh a Dyno Tune? So where is the printout for that? Oh wait let me guess your girlfriend took that too?

A few suspension pieces huh? I detect a few pieces of something and let me just tell you that it doesn't go on a car.

So you have a block sitting in your garage? How is that building? What is your rotating assembly going to consist of? What pistons are you using? What rods are you using? Is the crank balanced? What will your compression ratio be after you install your assembly? What about the stroke and bore? I have questions you STILL don't have answers.

I highly doubt that. Most of my latter education of cars and engines were received on later model V8's such as your F-Body and Fox Body Mustangs. Sorry to inform you that I was born, raised, and nurtured around V8 Pony cars. My father had tons of them. I'm also sorry to inform you that in the garage I take my car to for REAL performance modification(unlike that bullshit you "claim" you have) there happens to be some LS1, LT1, LS6/7 specialty shops nearby. I'm also sorry to inform you that I've seen what a real 11 second F-body looks like. I'm REALLY sorry to inform you that your specs do not a 11 second car make.

As for that question. I've built enough that if I wanted to lie about how fast mine went I would more than accurately be able to based on my prior experience with the aforementioned subject. I currently own a 98 GSX which I just so happen to have pictures of my engine build which I will probably share. So stay around you just might learn something from someone who actually does REAL performance modification.

posted by  DSMer

I life is still a life....What the hell, I'm not wasting anymore energy on trying to reason with you....Watch out for innocent bystanders, as stupid as they may be :screwy:

Welcome back, DSMer!

posted by  Cliffy

With just exhaust and headers I ran a 13.4. Thats not really 14s. I know a guy that ran a 12.9x with just headers and tune. Also not 14s.

You just keep showin the ignorance.
I only built the tranny because my synchros were gone and the spec 3 was fried. I figured whiel it was out Id rebuilt it with some viper parts and throw in a better clutch for when I make more power.

And it wasnt 2K dumbass. It was $1320

Joe is a custom cam grinder he does it for a living well at least he used to and he doesnt like people giving out his specs, cause then no one would need his services, theyd just call up comp and tell them Joes specs but its a 22x/23x on a 109 LSA

How ****in retarded can you be?
Dyno tune is a brand, they sell nitrous kits.

Koni SA (thats single adjustable) for the rear with some H&R springs.
Everything else is stock so I rarely mention it

No Im still lookin for the block. Ive found 2 from Fbodys at local yards, gotta go look at them on tues when Im off. Was gonna get a caprice motor to save money but itd be cheaper to pring for the aluminum headed motor so I would have to pay for cores when I ship them of to be ported.

Okay so Im not building to tues when I get the longblock, im collectin parts.

Rotating assembly consists of-
Scat 4340 5.7 I beam rods (may step up to some 6" rods if I can get a good deal on them through work but I'd have to do that before I order the new pistons, but so far Im thinkin the 5.7s)
Eagle 4340 1 piece 3.750 stroke crank
The kit cam with some goofy off brand pistons (probe) but my mechanic is giving me 400 bucks for them so Im sending off for some Mahle 4.030 coated pistons.

Not sure on rings yet as I need to talk to the shop about the plan for a small dose of nitrous to see what they say.
All Bearings are King
The machine shop is installing splayed 4 bolt mains

Its an eagle crank and they are notorious for bad balancing so the machine shop will be balancing it for me.

With the psitons that came with the kit it would be 10.8 to 1 with 64cc chambers. A little to low for me, when I order the new pistons Im gonna try and get closer to 11.5 to 1. With as big a cam as I plan on running my DCR (that be dynamic compression ratio as opposed to the static compression ratio we were just talking about) should be low enough for me to run on pump gas.

It will be a 3.75 stroke and a 4.030 bore. You cant run a 4" stroke in a fbody without a ton of clearancing and modfiication (small radius cam and hard blocking) and its not at all worth it in anythign but a full blown race motor.

There are you answers dumbass. ANy more questions so I can keep making you look like a tool.

Haha your o retarded me and sick tbird just got into about what it takes to get an f-body into the 11s and he thought the same thing you did. What about the 11 sec full wieght bolt on A4 LS1 cars? What about Shon Herron who runs 11s in a bolt on LT1 M6 car (that means stock heads and cam and NO nitrous)?
With nitrous it isnt hard at all to get a car into the 11s

DO you want links and proof cause Ive got that too.

Oh yah im sure you know so much. Haha. You clearly already made yourself look like an ass.
Any more questions, cause ive got answers.

posted by  Enthusiast

This is gona get interesting. :mrgreen:

posted by  GreekWarrior

It's gonna get locked...:laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

don't you dare. :laughing:

posted by  GreekWarrior

Ditto. Let these kids handle it themselves.:pop:

posted by  Spanky2324

No Its not. I'm not even going to read his banter. Ok Mr. "I Love my F-Body" I want to SEE some proof. Show it or else you'll fail to prove that you're really as bad as you say you are.

I'll be waiting... Tick Tock...:mrgreen:

posted by  DSMer

This is retarded. A discussion about street racing :thumbs:

posted by  newyorker

It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile, it's how much respect you get on a car-forum talking about it.

posted by  GreekWarrior


Whoever is participating in this discussion and thinks they are actually getting somewhere with it is an e-tard, really. Lets just end the thread at this

posted by  newyorker

Oh feel bad that I had all the anwers that you thought I didnt. haha. Good one.

Already told you I have no slips. The one time they gave them to me was a street night so everyone was allowed to run.
When I went back the next month I ran a 11.89 and the kicked me off the track and held my slips, since I had no cage.

For everyone else.

The nitrous also came off yesterday, so Ill be slow for a while. My pops doesnt want me spraying until the forged motor goes in. I would just do it anyways but since he is helping me a bunch on the build ( financially and mechanically, hes currently tryin to figure out how to do a DIY 9'inch for the car, but making the torque arm mount strong enough has got him worried, Id rather run a bolt in S60), Id rather keep him in good graces and use the resources to my advantage.

posted by  Enthusiast

I just saw this article ( as I was eating breakfast this morning. I'm sure that he akso thought he had everything under control and was qualified and experienced enough to be "racing" on the street... Just like every other ignorant, arrogant f*cking peice of shit street racer out there. I won't say that I hope he dies, but if he does, it'll just help clean out the gene pool. And because he's a high profile semi-celebrity, maybe this will finally cause a massive crackdown on pussy bitches like him, including some in this thread.

And just for the sake of full disclosure, this occured about seven blocks from my sister's house in a place where my brother-in-law had just passed 10 minutes earlier while on his evening run. Steven will know where it happened, Gulf to Bay and Court. I don't care for him too much, but he could have been an involved innocent. With any luck he'll be hurt so bad he'll never drive again. F*cking little rich punk know-it-all.

posted by  vwhobo

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