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Hello All,
New here and to the tuned import seen. I am looking at a 1999 Eclipse GSX that has been modded, and wanted some second opinions. The car is very clean (int, ext, motor) and is being sold for 7,000. It has 73,000 miles on the car itself and has a 6 bolt swap motor with 30,000 miles in it. It also has the following:
6 bolt swap dsm link
16g turbo greddy profec b boost controller
Front mount intercooler
apexi turbo timer
slotted rotors
3 inch exhaust
I am planning on test driving the car tommorow. What should I look for abuse wise on this car and does this seem like a good deal? It is being sold because the owner is in the army and is deploying shortly and does not want to put it in storage.

posted by  Jaywalkersw

Do you know the owner personally? I would never buy a havily moded car from someone I do not know. from what it has on it looks like the car has been raced or at least driven very very hard.

posted by  ateymura

That was my biggest concern. The owner swears it has not been raced (for what that is worth), but he has all the maintenance records to go with it. Is there a surefire give away that a car has been raced aside from the fact its been modded? I should know more after I test drive it later today. Any advice on what to look for would be appreciated. Thanks.

I am going to have a compression and boost pressure test ran prior to buying if I end up getting it. Just in case.

posted by  Jaywalkersw

see i really hate that stereotype. People who modify their cars, still are humans... Its mostly modified import cars that get this stereotype. How come if there is a 69 camaro ss thats modified people dont say it was abused. I modify my cars but i take care of them. Only give them the best oil, always check everything and make sure the car is in great condition. Right now i in the process of selling one of my cars which is modified and some people stray away from it because it modified. The car runs like a champ. No problems with it. However, people still think it was abused. Modifying a car doesn't mean that u will race it or abuse it. It means you want it to be different from what it came. ALso there is proper abuse and improper abuse.

As for what to look for in that GSX. I myself own a GSX, so i will tell you what i would look for. Check compression. Check Shaft play on the turbo, look at the exhaust color and smell it..

posted by  V-Tec

Ok so after test driving I noticed a few quirks in the car. It seemed sluggish even when the turbo kicked in. The owner said it was beacuse the battery had went dead and the boost controller had lost its settings. This doesnt make a whole lot of sense to me since the memory in almost all of those is nonvolatile. Also the a/c was weak (think it needs charged) and I found out there is a short somewhere in the electrical system (probably what drained the battery in the first place).
So with all of these individual issues coming out on this car I am getting the gut feeling that this particular eclipse is going to be a money pit. Thoughts?
However I did find a 1997 Eclipse GSX that is completely stock (engine was replaced but with the same model engine that came on the car, as well as the clutch) sans rims and tires (only thing aftermarket on car). The owner says it was never raced and has been his daily driver for the last few years. I test drove it and the car drove well and felt mechanically sound and everything works (electrical / ac etc). The ext of this car is consistent with its age (some scratches no fading and a loose turn signal), but the int shows some wear (leather on seat is worn no rips though).
So heres my question:
Based on my thoughts and descriptions of the two GSXs which is the better buy (reliability is the most important discerning factor)?
1) 1999 GSX /w 6bolt engine, myriad of other mods with 73k
miles on car and 30k miles on the 6 bolt, clean title - $7,000
2) 1997 GSX /w replacement stock engine / clutch with 109k
miles on car and 40k on new engine, salvage title (stolen
recovery not totaled) - $4,800
The int is nicer on the 1999 (all stock minus the pillar gauges) than on 1997. But the 1997's isnt unbearable as a daily driver is concerned.

Any and all input is welcome. Thanks.

posted by  Jaywalkersw

it's not about steriotyping... I do own a japanese import. but can you explain me why would you need to spend thousands of dollars to put a turbo on a car if you are going to drive it like an 80old lady? the stock cars are put together in a trim that would allow them to perform in a reliable and consistent manner for 10+ years... once you modify the engine by adding a turbo or a super charger you are most definitely shortening the life of the engine.. (unless you change the internals of the motor.. but then again why cough out the bucks if you aren't going to race???)

posted by  ateymura

Alright I own a 95 GSX and I'm not trying to rag on these cars because I simply love dsms. For you the 97 would be a much better base for you to buy. Your looking for reliability and the power in the stock cars is pretty good. You say you don't wanna get into a money pit but to be honest with you dsms can be money pits:thumbs: Good luck though.

posted by  Spanky2324

Thanks for everyone with the help. A few more problems showed up the second time I drove the 97...everything from minor electrical to the A/C to the car straight up dying on me. Decided against getting either, and ended up getting a gently used '96 Trans Am (90k miles near stock / amazing condition). Only mods on it are new exhaust / rods / superchip reprogrammer.

posted by  Jaywalkersw

Haha... there is a flip.

posted by  DSMer

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