looking to pass a ct emissions test, with some not so favorable modds...

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hello everyone,
my name is phil.. i'm new to car forums.

I just purchased a 1990 nissan 300zx NA, with a TT motor swap, the ecu has

been chiped and has a cold air intake...

my question is.. dose anyone know anyone in ct preferable in or around

norwich, groton, pawcatuck, ect.... who will pass a vehicle in great running

condition but has minor modds, missing eghaust Re-Circulator, and maybe a

few other small changes.. including the ones above.. tt motor swap, chiped


any info would be appreciated..


posted by  preprodigy

Ew its a 90 that means you have OBDI so they'd hook you up to a sniffer.

I recommend you look for a shop that builds performance motors or things of the like thats kinda laid back and ask a tech if you slip him a few bills if he will pass you. You can get in a lot of trouble for this so be careful.

Another thing some friends do whose cars are OBVIOUSLY not street legal is take the tag from there beater, which is pretty hard, and then go get the beater inspected again, and again you can get in a lot of trouble.

But itd probably be safer to throw on some cats, run some race gas and try the sniffer.

posted by  Enthusiast

Ive also heard of some guys runnin that stuff that garauntees youll pass the sniffer or your money back, in pretty illegal cars and passing, for a few bucks its worth a shot.

posted by  Enthusiast

do u know what that stuff is called or where they sell it??

posted by  preprodigy

I don know if I have any advice for you but I'm like a day away from getting a N/A 1991 300zx myself and maybe u can give me some upgrade tips as you work on yours. Whats a OBDI by the way. I understood everything you said about your ride and maybe your area is weird but I don see any reason why u wouldn't get passed except your exhaust issue.

posted by  cake872

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