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hey guys, I found a 1986 300zx 2+2 5sp manual (I don't know the aspiration, I'm guessing natural) near me for a really good price, anyway, I called the guy up, and I'm going over there tomorrow to check it out. he says it needs a head gasket, or a cylinder head, he claims his son was driving and it got really hot, and now it wont start, I asked if it started making white smoke or anything and he said no. I am going to run a compression test, and I'm going to try and find an ODB1 reader.

I think it is probably a temperature sensor or something of the like, but what should I look at in particular (besides oil, coolant, etc)?

heres the picture he provided, I will take more if I buy it.
http://images.autotrader.com/images/2007/8/30/229/397/2777135123.229397204. IM1.MAIN.565x421_A.562x421.jpg
badass right? :smoke:

Thanks Guys!

posted by  azkid110

Broken, right?

How cheap is he selling the car for? Unless he's offering the car for the price of "I'll-pay-you-to-take-this-shit"...

It doesn't hurt to look at the car though...but I can't really tell you everything to look for that could be wrong in a 21 year old overheated sports car. All I have to offer is some common sense.

posted by  What

yeah thats what my parents where kind of saying as well, and I see where you are coming from, but I do want to get into track racing, and this car could help me get there. he's asking $450, there is no body damage, and the interior is in real good shape.

posted by  azkid110

I don't really see an N/A 2+2 80's 300zx getting you into track racing any time soon. They are quite porky and a bit light on the power.

In anycase, check for a cracked cylinder head, do the compression test, etc. The 87+ models are nicer imho if you want to go Z31.

Just note, Z31's are DIRT cheap if they are a pre 87. The 87+ are also pretty cheap if you stick to non-turbo. $450 may seem like very little, but you can find perfectly running ones (atleast out here) for 600-1000).

posted by  rudypoochris

sorry for taking awile to respond.

yeah, anyway I went to see the car, and looking at it, it looked like it has been sitting for years, the radiator took a rock because it was crunched up, there was no oil or coolant in it, no battery, windshield was cracked, etc etc.

I offered them $100, and haven't gotten a call back.

but I've found another car, it's a 84 mercury capri, and I'm positive I will be getting it next week. I will make another thread for the questions I have about that.

posted by  azkid110

ANYTHING can "get you into" track racing, it doesn't have to be fancy. I know a guy who track races a '90 Civic with ~90 horsepower. He doesn't do well, but he still does it. Low power is good for learning anyway.

posted by  jedimario

They're not going to throw him into some rediculous class. There are a lot of people who enjoy budget racing, not only because that's all they can afford, but building a successful car on the skinny is almost as fun as racing it.

Not only that, but non-drag racing is based largely on skill. Look at the results from a local AutoX: http://www.ner.org/solo/results/07/2007_event_5_fin.html

Long story short: Stock 98 Neon-57.4 seconds

2005 Lotus Elise-60.2 seconds
2001 BoxterS-58.5
2001 S2000-61.1
2005 350Z-57.5
And none of these guys were in the novice class, so they weren't terrible, they were simply out driven by a good driver. There never is really a need for a fast car.

I dunno who that Joe Usowski character is in the red 2000 Camaro SS. He must have stolen my identity to run a crappy time. He also thinks it's bullshit that his car is in the "A stock" class putting his 3500+lb fatass against S2000 and STis in an AutoX.:mrgreen:

posted by  giant016

Just commenting that the Z31 isn't a very track friendly car stock. There are ALOT better cars out there to start with. If your racing against other Z31's or in a class that gives you some sort of advantage, cool, then get it. As for a track machine, a Miata will eat it, as will the Z32, and the S30. Thats all I was getting at. If you like fighting outgunned, all the better.

I would get a Z31 before a 84 Mercury Capri though. I would look at the 87-93 Fox's if your into the 5.0's.

posted by  rudypoochris

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