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Hi ,, Am from Kingdom of Bahrain and am planing to get mazda 3 it's available with 1.6 in my country.

Whats your opinion about Mazda 3 ?

Does it good car ? Strong ? Valuable ? relaxable ?

I have used corolla for more than 12 years and i want to change

Whats your advice for me ?

Many people saying MAZDA is bad what you think about that ?

and which one you prefer mazda3 hatchbacK OR sedan ? and why ?

Waiting your comments please

posted by  BH30

Please read the rules. I have closed one of your topics.

The Mazda3 is a nice car from what I've seen and experienced. My Wife's Grand parents have one (don't let that put you off, lol). They are smooth running, comfortable, and the 1.6-litre is sufficient enought for everyday conditions.

posted by  Cliffy

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