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I Have a 99 Gs Eclipse, I was wondering about getting a cat-back exhaust system for my car. But i need to know if ts going to make my car sound much louder than now. Right now i just have a pipe running to an exhaust tip (Some Japanese Hp Turbo exhaust Tip). I have not much knowledge about this car as i bought it two months ago. I was just wondering what i need to do to make my car sound much LOUDER. The pipe underneath is rusted at the end and it came off the other day so that 's why i was think about getting a new system but i don't know which one to buy because im buying it at a store. I have done a few modifications to my car but don't really know. Please help thanks.

posted by  -3clipse-

If you really want your car to be stupid loud just remove the cat and put a test pipe there instead.

posted by  Spanky2324

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