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I am looking to snag one up in the wintertime (specifically a 95-97 model with the pop up lights)

Any things about this car I should know? Problems, mod restrictions, etc.etc.

Thanks guys and gals

posted by  newyorker

The motors don't have much potential. Don't know if that is a surprise or something you care about, just know my roomate complained about that.

Going from a turbo eclipse to the miata he said it was a world of difference for power potential.

posted by  rudypoochris

what did he try to do to it?

posted by  windsonian

well there is always the jackson racing m45 supercharger

and if not that route basic intake header exhaust timing bump and im sure there is other stuff for em...they seem like great little cars i wana find out more before i buy

posted by  newyorker

your kidding right?

these are strong little engines, i've seen them take something of the order of 30 psi...but you want it NA right?

They're light, compact, rwds that make great track cars, ofcourse keeping it NA you're not gona get that much power out of them as you would a turbocharged one.

posted by  GreekWarrior

well NA is the body code for the first gen miata, has nothing to do with the motor really...sorry if I confused ya

posted by  newyorker

oh right haha, well then yeah, what i said, pretty strong engines.

posted by  GreekWarrior

Taking 30 psi in one instant from a certain turbocharger does not mean it is necessarily a robust engine. I am not saying it is doomed to weakness, I am just saying that it won't ever be a power house. IF you do turbo the snot out of it your going to be breaking your bank. Also 30 psi doesn't mean it is making tons of power. Just saying it doesn't have that much potential, which is true. 1.6 or 1.8L can only get you so far. Yes, you can go bananas and make 1200hp out of a 1.4L, but it won't be streetable, same goes for 500 out of a 1.6/1.8, 400, ~300 is a reasonable number.

My roomate tried heads, cams, intake, etc. The miata engine just doesn't have that much potential, thats all. The car is very light though so it works out.

posted by  rudypoochris

well id be satisfied with 175whp...dont forget its only 2300lbs

posted by  newyorker

Ya, 175whp shouldn't be too big of a deal. The output curves probably won't be too hot, but thats what most 100+hp/liter engines will look like. I was just saying it doesn't have too much potential engine wise, I am very aware of the weight of the Miata, my project comes in under 2200lbs so its not unknown to me. :)

Talked to my roomate last night about the subject, he used to be into racing miatas, he said he didn't know of anyone who consistently was making over 300hp on the stock block, maybe 350hp. Including turbocharged versions. So take it for what you will. Thats what he said, and I believe him. Granted 300hp is pretty decent in a light car, if you were seeking good curves at that power or more power though, then it is an issue, which is why I mentioned that...

Going out on a limb and guessing that the rear diff is a week point considering Monster Miatas use Thunderbird IRS + Diff. I know with 225hp and 300lbft of torque those 5.0 swaps they do come in at 0-60 in 4.8 with 12.8 in the 1/4. Just as a reference point for performance.

posted by  rudypoochris

I hears 94/95 have a stronger diff and still run obd1

posted by  newyorker

Your roommate doesn't know what hes talking about. And you're an idiot.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Hows that? Elaborate?

posted by  rudypoochris

lol stop the pissfest. Im not looking for a fast car, I want a quick car thats fun to drive, hence my choice of the miata

posted by  newyorker

I have a 96 running a Begi turbo at 22 psi. the car has 98k on the od.

I drive the car very hard. I never get in it that I don't slam the rev limit six or eight times. I get a thrill every time I throw back to second at seventy mph and put the big whoa on. For me, quick stops are as much fun as fast starts.

The only maintenance I have done to my car is religious fluid changes, one set of shocks, one set brake shoes, one set plug wires and couple of sets of plugs.

The Miata drives like an old pair of shoes. It just feels right.

Around here there are lots of Stang GT's, some with heavy mods in the 600 hp range. None have beaten my little girly car. NONE.

My upgrade recs for 94 thru 97:

Big brake kit -- $800
Begi turbo 12psi--- $4500
Sticky tires 15inch -- $200

Then drive the dog crapola out of it.

posted by  jcutsh

I had a 92 that I kinda made a weekend car out of. I loved it, but It was pretty weak.

Those M45s really dont help much, had a buddy with an M45 91 and it was still REALLY slow, Ive got some vids of it at the track if you want to see, It was running slightly faster than a I/E auto scion tC (which made 132whp).
My buddy is now right at 200whp if not more on a M62 though.

If you want decent power Id recommend a 1.8 swap and DIY turbo setup, with water injection for ease and simplicity (FMIC just complicates things).
And if you are worried about the diff check out
He does an RX-7 rear, I started the project and collected all the parts but sold the car before I finished.

posted by  Enthusiast

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