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Recently ive been looking into finally buying a car of my own and ive had my eye on this '97 Eclipse this guy is selling about 5min from my house. Because its my first car, i guess im just being extra cautious...

This is the list of installed parts he gave me to look over...

-The car has never been in an accident. It was broken into once. The driver door window has been replaced. The stereo was taken, so therefore, the new Alpine one.
-The only problem he had with the car was some $7 part failing. (Sorry, can't remember what it was or did..although it wasnt electrical, because he spent a while testing that theory.)
-Body is stock as far as I can tell, minor rock chips along sideskirts but I guess thats unavoidable. Interior is apparently from an '02 eclipse.. idk but it looks reaally clean.

Questions for you
-Should i be worried about crankwalk on this model? He said that because its a GS and not a stock turbo model, its not a problem.. but im not sure.
-Is this too much for my first car? I mean.. ive been intrested in this stuff forever but i dont know if i have the experience or abilities to keep the car On the other hand, is it good that the car is already built and tuned so i dont have to mess with it too much?
-(..cant think of the other questions i had...:doh: )

He was asking $6000, i got him to offer $5500 for the car and a set of 17" ADR rims. (or $5200 without the ADR's) This upcoming Saturday or Sunday I should be test driving it. Ill also have him answer a few more questions. Ill be sure to post here asap with new information.Thank you to anyone whos interested enough to read this whole thing or has advice and opinions. Also, if you have any more questions for me, please go ahead and ask.

posted by  neB7

I test drove the car, the transmission was shot. The clutch, wasnt grabbing right. The engine, although it was only driven for a few thousand miles, sounded horrible and just didnt have any 'go'. The car was just poorly put together overall.

Thanks for the massive amount of feedback on the issue. I really dont know what i wouldve done with your help.... :fu:

posted by  neB7

im new to the forum but after reading your post and your reply to yourself...lol...no offense...sometimes the only way to find out if something is worthwhile you have to find out yourself and if you find something you dont like then you can start asking others for help if you truely dont know but for the most part everyone has different tastes and ways of doing things....you have to be the one to do the deciding especially when it comes to a car enthusiast and their own speed machine...

posted by  phantomdrifter

so do you think we could have told you any of those things? or would you prefer that we told you "yeah! that car sounds kickass, yo!" and made you potentially gloss over any imperfections because of how cool your peers might think it is...?

posted by  dodger65

kids don't form their own opinions these days... that's why everyone is making a poll on what cd they should play while driving through the mall parking lot sporting the picnic bench wing that someone said was cool once... it's not good unless someone else tells you it is... :wink2:

posted by  dodger65

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