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Hey guys, Just bought a G37 S and i love it. I am kind of new to the manual tranny world and was wondering about a few things..

1. Is it bad to rev the engine while holding down the clutch? Hence riding the clutch?

2. While upshifting, how da heck do i keep myself from jerking. I have never had a trouble with my friends RSX clutch engage was so low and light but with this G.. its so high and heavy. Iv tried everything, giving a little gas before the engagement point, giving gas after engagement pt, and just engaging it den giving it gas. (Definitely a nooby question but any help will be nice)

3. After my break in period, I wana push the car to the max. Anyone tell me the appropriate RPMs I should shift such as, 1st gear to 3000 RPM and 2nd to... 3rd to...

Dats about it. THankss

posted by  dangphilzill

Anyone else own a g37 S manual?

I get these strange chirping sounds from the car sometimes.. And sometimes when i press down on the clutch i hear a clank or a clunk. Is that normal?

Other than that, had this car for about 4 days and i love it!

posted by  dangphilzill

We actually had one at work I loved it
1. if the clutch is all the way down no its not bad...just wasting gas...if the clutch is even partially engaged and you are revving, you are burning it up, but if you think you slowly do this every time you start..just dont do clutch stands on hills and try to hold it by slipping the clutch for 5 minutes.
2. try to release the pedal using your foot, not leg it will be smoother. the clutch in the g37 to me seemed to kinda pop up like acura TL and such, so just be very gentle with it. it will take time but youll get it. pivot your ankle
3. there is no appropriate RPM, its a manual trans, it gives you the choice and control. for city driving I shift low. highway driving in the middle (my car has less torque and power so downshifting is essential). i cant gun it anymore till my trans gets fixed, but you get the idea. take your time and get comfortable with the car. GL

Also I heard that holding the clutch down at a light for a minute or so wears the pressure plate and such..simply keep it in neutral and foot on the brake when it goes green get in gear and go...youll get in the habit of this later, if you are just learning stick taking off at a good pace might be a problem

posted by  newyorker

are you holding down the accelerator while pressing in the clutch?? If you have any concerns with your car, take it to the dealership. when you pay big money for a car, and problems arise, get them fixed at their cost, dont ignore them. thats why you have a warranty

posted by  newyorker

This thread is prime example of why you guys in the States (and surrounding areas?) should have to take your driving test in a car with manual gears in order to legally be allowed to drive one unaccompanied. Surely if a driver has no experience in such driving they won't be competent? Or is there something I'm missing here?

posted by  Cliffy

I dont know, but I need his money more than he does lol

posted by  nighthawk

thanks for the adviceeeee.

hmm i admit i havent constantly driven a manual transmission car for my whole 21 years of life. and was a bit cocky driving my friends stick RSX and rx8f for a year off an on that I could just jump right into a car and coast along. everyone starts from somewhere no? haha but i do manage to get myself here to there quite well minus those little surges here and there so thats why im just asking for some advice.

im just having a bit of trouble with this clutch that is WAYYYYYY off the floor dats all.

posted by  dangphilzill

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