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Not sure if it's been unveiled everywhere yet and I'm late with this one, lol. Anyway, here's some pics of Nissan's new GT-R. We all knew what it would look like, but it looks a whole lot nicer now....For some reason, lol. What do you lot think?

Pics (

posted by  Cliffy

I think they changed the side vents. It looks great...And seats 4 lol.

posted by  chris_knows

I think it's good that Nissan chose not to rekindle the "Skyline" name, too....

posted by  Cliffy

The interior looks sorta boring, sorta family orientated, and sorta 90's. I'm not impressed with the headlights and to me headlights define a car's face. This thing is heavy and Nissan is, once again, inflating their performance estimates.

Claimed 0-60 mph is 3.5 seconds. I think not.

I'd like to drive one to see if it feels as good as Nissan claims.

posted by  What

Yeah, 3.5-secs seems extreamly ambitious....

posted by  Cliffy

yeah, I can see nissan getting kicked in the balls on this one

obviously it'll be a nice car, but saying its faster than it is isnt a very good idea

posted by  nighthawk

They've always (as far as I'm aware) kept the performance figures lower for the Skylines, but that was to keep it legal in Japan.

I'm expecting 0-60 times to be in the low 4's.

posted by  chris_knows

^^according to that list(easier to read then most out there...) it would put it on par with a 1966 AC Cobra 427...

posted by  dodgerforlife

The best pic of seen of it so far. ge500.jpg

posted by  What

It didn’t take long for more images of the 2008 Nissan GT-R to surface and this time ‘round they’re official and come attached with some of the car’s final specs courtesy of Edmunds. According to the source the new GT-R will feature a twin-turbo V6 engine with 473hp (353kW) and 588Nm (434lb-ft) of torque. Drive will be sent to all four wheels via an all new six-speed dual-clutch gearbox dubbed the GR6. Gears can either be changed using the centrally mounted shifter or the same leather and aluminum paddle shifters as seen in the G35.

posted by  GreekWarrior

Think it looks like shit.
The R34 was one of motortrend's most overated cars.

Stickin with that.

posted by  Enthusiast

nissans way of bringing a skyline to the states :smoke:

this car is teh sex

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posted by  chris_knows

I'm confused....where do I come in to this? Excuse the pun, lol.....I guess you were hinting that I should come by and work my magic on his post? :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

I was talking about the link, but if you want to bend over, I could do a before and after comparison of the patch :laughing: JP.

posted by  chris_knows

Nah you keep ya patch...:laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

Yeah, I'm not really sure I'd want to try a patch like that. Could I try it on like a cucumber, or small animal first? :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

I dream to have that car... :( Very great creation of Nissan... :thumbs:

posted by  -Ice-

can I become a mod with banning powers?


it needs to be done

posted by  nighthawk

You have lost me, lol. If you're refering to 'Ice' then I think we've had alot worse members here in the past!

posted by  Cliffy

no need for warnings, "members" like this one don't matter
they might as well be banned as soon as they first post

posted by  nighthawk

I agree.

posted by  Cliffy

the new gt-r is more sexier . . .

posted by  myitalian

The new GT-R is a miracle. That's a great car for not much money. What does Americans think about it?

posted by  ficho

Most Americans have gotten past the whole import bias. Not my style, but damn fast.

posted by  giant016

Im not a big fan.

I prefer something with less electronic gadgetry.

I think it looks like ass (although I am in the minority) and I think they could have done better with it.
Maybe along the same lines as the 370Z.

Less weight more power.

I really like the tranny though.

posted by  Enthusiast

it almost looks to much like a muscle car to be an import, and it weighs way to much.
but i think what pisses me off the most is they made it automatic with paddle shifters...they need to keep cars like this completely stick.

main point is the g-32 skylines are alot better in my opinion

posted by  thrasher

You know the tires are filled with nitrogen because normal air is to unstable but i dont consider it as an import i liked the old r33 gts

posted by  Flange

Nooo the R34 was the beast of all bluebirds. :2cents:

Nitrogen is used because its supposed to let your tires run cooler, perform better and be able to retain pressure better than if you use old fashioned "normal air". Waste of $50.

posted by  99integra

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