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Nissan wants us to believe that a stock base model GT-R lapped the Nurburgring in 7:38. Do you believe this?

There are plenty of reasons why Nissan would lie or insinuate faster the capable times for its GT-R.

Remember...according to the source the 2005 Nissan Nismo Skyline GT-R Z-Tune ran sub 10-second quarter miles....with 500hp and 3525 lbs. Of course that wasn't verified.

posted by  What

I will reluctantly believe it...The Corvette does it in just 4 seconds more, with only RWD, although it also has a more power, and weighs significantly less.

We're going to find out soon whether this car really is as great as everyone hopes.

posted by  chris_knows

Nissan began timing the GTRs lap time at the end of the pit road and ended at the begining.

The vette ran the whole track

The nissans tires. l_500.jpg

I doubt those will be production tires but I could be wrong, look like a tack tire to me.

It will be overated just like every other skyline.

posted by  Enthusiast OE tires for the STi

posted by  newyorker

do those come in runflats, cause I know bridgestone made special tires just for this car a read a big article over them a week or so ago, and they were runflats.

The probably just took those and made them a run flat if they arent alreaqdy.

posted by  Enthusiast

That was a good lap, 14 seconds faster than the NSX-R. Would expect something along those times with around 200 more horsepower. Super fast gearbox and sophisticated all wheel drive will more than make up for it's weight disadvantage. Just wait til Nismo or Mines get their hands on it:smoke:

Btw the difference between where the skyline finished the lap and started it would have only increased the lap times by 2 seconds at the most.

posted by  fudge

No idea..i dont think so cause they dont show up under the bridgestone filter for runflats

posted by  newyorker

Would a "super fast" gearbox really matter at a track like this? This isn't a dragstrip.

The lighter and more powerful AWD 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo couldn't produce a best lap that fast, nor could the Zonda S or Bugatti Veyron...or the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.

It's hard to believe that a STOCK BASE GT-R could do this...expecially after the 9-second 500hp Z-Tune.

posted by  What

Last I heard it was 1.5 seconds faster than the Z06 so if he completed the track itd put him behind the Z.

Skylines are overrated and this is no exception

posted by  Enthusiast


posted by  rudypoochris

A super fast gearbox would make even more difference as there are way more gearshifts done on the race track than on the drag strip. Not to mention less power is being wasted on the upshift coming out of the corners and on the straights.

The new GT-R will be overrated, but it has a bloody good reason to.

posted by  fudge

Nissan blows lately.

Id only take an old skyline when the werent so heavy, something like an R32 with a RB26 or a 300ZX

posted by  Enthusiast

one of my fav cars to this day

posted by  newyorker

I really like them, I just wish they would have left someone the extra crap off and gone in more of the build direction of the RX7, low weight and back to the basics.

If mods were cheaper and worth more I would have got one instead of the Z, oh and red ones are too hard to find, they are ALL white or BLACK.

There is one in town that has been repainted Viper Steel Grey, its the art teacher's husband, and it is one sexy lookin car.

posted by  Enthusiast

my buddy had a red one it was 91 NA with 142k bad body, blew the it for 3000 only got 400 back for it :(

posted by  newyorker

My roomate has a 300zx N/A 1990 he got for $3300. Runs like a champ, has a couple dings. He got it at 160k, now he is at 190k no problem. I have two Z's myself, first generations. Just picked up the second one for $800. I was about to buy a salvage titled 300zx Z32 N/A with perfect body and frame for $2100, but someone beat me to it. Oh well.

posted by  rudypoochris

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