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I've been looking for a car because we're moving soon, and although it's not far, it's far enough from where we are now to require me to take the bus, and I'm not a huge fan of public transportation and leaving an hour early. Here's ( W0QQAdIdZ28018050) a car I came across that is not far from where I live. A 1991 Skyline R32. Supposedly it's in great condition, but I'm going to check that out for sure. I have a couple of questions though...First one is, how hard is it to drive a RHD car (in terms of passing, changing lanes, turning, etc.)? Is it suitable for a daily driver (as well as being (somewhat) easy to drive, fuel efficient, safe)? Is it suitable for longer trips (4+ hours)? Is it reliable/are there any problems that I should watch out for? Are the back seats suitable for 2 adult-sized people?

posted by  chris_knows

sorry but doesnt sound like the right car for you honestly, are looking for a commuter car, i dont know how rare they are in canada, but here they are like a needle in a haystack...i would never drive one as a daily because i dont think its practical, and id be using an amazing car not to its full potential..someone else will benefit from it more, but like i siad, doesnt seem right for your needs

posted by  newyorker

Gotta agree with NY on this one. I don't think spending 10K on a 16 year old car with much modding potential is a good idea for a commuter that you will be racking miles on as a daily driver.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

besides chris, if you want, get an sr20det 240sx..basically same as the skyline but only RWD...guarantee it will be fun, buit with the winters in canada, im not sure thats a smart idea...get a commuter car i tell everyone who buys cars to start slow cause being bored is better than being dead cause you got your licence nad got a high power car a month later

posted by  newyorker

just find any car owned by an old lady, preferrably 90's (I mean the car, 1990's :laughing: )

im sure owning any skyline R31234 would be awesome, but imaging the costs of keeping it on the road :ohcrap: you're best bet is probably any roomy car thats not too big, has 2or 4 doors, and preferrably V6 power ( V8 power would be nice, but probably not worth the bad mileage in this case)
and a standard transmission will just make the whole car better lol

but then again sometimes you find the right car at the right time so who knows what you'll end up driving :laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

Our winters aren't really bad (pretty much like yours). I am considering other cars, but I came across this one, and was wondering whether it might be good.

posted by  chris_knows

it will be fantastic just not for you

posted by  newyorker

It really depends on you. It sounds like you want a commuter. On the other hand, a fun car will take a daily chore (communting) and make it fun. I'd try to find a fun car that's a bit newer. I don't know crap about the reliability of Skylines, but it's got an upgraded turbo among other things, so this car wasn't just driven to church on Sundays. It's says low KMs, but low for a 16 y/o import that could be 150-200K miles (that's kind of important info, makes you think why they didn't list the mileage).

Depends on how much time you have to work on the car, and how much you need it to be reliable. However, sometimes people just find THEIR car, and seeing the Skyline in your sig I'm thinking it might be up your ally. You could probably make something like this work, but other routes would probably be better.

posted by  giant016

Thanks for all the input. I've decided definitely not to buy the car now, but in a couple of years I might; there's always going to be one or two around here for sale.

I'm still gonna go test drive it though lol.

posted by  chris_knows

New yorker I think the R32s were RWD, not sure though.

Itd be a cool car but its really up to you. There are a few importers down here in Texas and you can get a legal, converted R32 with low miles for really cheap and when I was planning on selling the Z I almost bought one. I went and drove it and wasnt impressed and the motors just dont repsond to mods like the RB26DETT so I decided against it.

posted by  Enthusiast

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