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I've got a '95 Eagle Talon TSi with lotsa mods, and im just wonderin wut other ppl think the best DSM is, if you dont know, DSM stands for Diamond Star Motors, and they make the motors for most all mitsubishi's, or at least they used to. my main mods:

T3/T4 hybrid turbo kit w/ FMI
3'' straight pipes from header
stainless steel headers
cold air intake
Boost Controller
Adjustable FPR
Adjustable Cams
Centerforce Dual Friction clutch
widened (60mm) throttle body/intake manifold
Stand Alone Engine Management
cross drilled/slotted brake rotors (to stop my car :orglaugh: )

posted by  Talon TSi

dunno if 3000GT VR4 is a DSM, but its decent. 320 hp 315 torque but it weighs a ton.

also, ofcourse, the evoVIII

posted by  importluva


posted by  e.1999-BTNH

thanks for the compliment :thumbs:

just stuff ive learned by browsing forums and doin quick research (ie cars.com :laughing: )

posted by  importluva

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