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Hi, I just bough my second Nissan 300zx. Its a white 89 but has sat since 91 so there is virtually nothing wrong with it. It was broken into and a few things were taken but nothing major. I was wondering what color neon others thought would go with the car. it has a brown interior unfortunately but i can work around that. I want to put Green lights everywhere but i cant find any green lights other than underbody. I want 12" or 15" subs in a lit box with green, green windshield sprayers, green dashlights, window tint, and as much other accessories as i can find. Can anyone help me? Thanks much


posted by  2-300's


posted by  07exlv6

dude go to ur local autozone or something and they should have neon tubes... ebay will also have some... i hate the way neons and all that look but its ur car so do whatever u want.:2cents:

posted by  V-Tec

invisible neon tubes that dont put out light are the new craze

posted by  newyorker

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