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over the last few years i have finaly saved up ebough money for some very nice project cars but now that i have enough i cant descided. i will be useing the car as a daily driver as well as drag racer becuse i live only 2 min away from the drag strip. so my questions is after i am completly through with one of these car which will be the fastest 94 model rx7,03 mr evo 8,honda s2000,or a 350z i plan to twin turbo the 350z if i get one. but any ways wich do you prefer also i have been considering a tt supra but whats the cheapest i can get one for?

posted by  IMPORTMASTER101

Call me confused, but... If any of this post is even remotely true;

Then why do you need to join a forum to ask a group of complete strangers this?

I smell something, and it reminds me of what I stepped in this morning feeding horses in the dark. Someone with your self proclaimed "experience" should have no trouble determining what car best fits his needs and budget. After all, you and your friends in your private garage "do anything". Why can't you do this? My guess is that you're a 14 year old that just found a pile of his brother's "Street Felcher" and "Import Tuna" ragazines, but doesn't really understand what any of the words mean. The pictures are "phat" though.

Be absolutely honest, how close am I?

posted by  vwhobo

NO I AM 19 AND WELL I WANT THE RX7 BUT I AM IN An argument with my brother over some of this stuff and i just wanted a secound opinion is that wrong?

posted by  IMPORTMASTER101

[QUOTE=IMPORTMASTER101]NO I AM 19 AND WELL I WANT THE RX7 BUT I AM IN An argument with my brother over some of this stuff and i just wanted a secound opinion is that wrong?

2003 mitsubishi evo all the way. quicker launches. hey thats my opinion. im just a DSM guy

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

What ever happened to hobo, i've been away awhile. I was hoping to read some of his rants. He got me good one time (I admit I was sort of wrong).

posted by  carls47807

He comes and goes. I think it is sort of a power trip thing, trying to act like he's got better things to do. No doubt he's busy, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds a little time to procrastinate (really should be doing homework right now...or sleeping)

posted by  giant016

haha, i hear you. what are you going to shool for? i go to Oswego State here in NY.

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posted by  Spanky2324

wheres zalight?

posted by  99integra

who knows where zalight is, but whats up

posted by  nighthawk

I'm at a community college for Mechanical Engineering, will be transferring to UMass in the fall. What's your major? I saw the pic in your sig and for some reason assumed you were old (not too may kids drive Corsairs).

posted by  giant016

come on guys. the dude needs help and all u guys are doing rambling around some off topic stuff:confused:

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

Not only is this kid probably never coming back, but I'd bet he was full of shit in the first place. He talks about how he builds up engines and whatnot, but doesn't even know how to ask a car question.

He wants to know what'll be the fastest when he's done. He didn't even say what his budget is, or what "done" is. He's pretty much just throwing out generic Fast and Furious-esque terms. Even still, somebody who has done as much work as he claims to have done would know the answer to his own question.

posted by  giant016

Ha, I can't help it I love corvairs. I gotta update that pic someday I finally got the car done.

I'm 23, I'm getting my masters in chemistry. I did my undergrad in education at Oswego as well. I kind of regreat not trying more colleges, my friends tell me they learned a lot more with the different teachers and such. Kudos to you.

posted by  carls47807

hmmm true that.:doh: sorry:laughing:

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

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