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Finally finished the repair work a few days ago. Replaced quite alot, didn't know it was this bad. Here is what had to be done or replaced

1. engine was replaced with an identical engine but from mazda(reconditioned from Japan)
2. replaced steering rod then bushes and brackets of the suspension
3. Tuned engine, serviced and adjusted the throttle position(by Ford Workshop)
4. all 4 brake disks had to be skimmed and pads replaced
5. got rid of rust and painted whole car.
6. serviced and patched up radiator
7. wheel balancing and allignment
8. ABS system had to be repaired
9. New clutch plate, clutch plate cover and flywheel bearing
10. Several seals and brackets in the engine bay were replaced.

Then I added some accessories such as reverse sensors, alarm, sports steering wheel(mine was in bad shape), and sports exhaust. Thinking of adding BBS sports rims like the ones on the Evo 9 for Christmas, what do you guys think? This is the final product. Thanks to all the guys that helped me out with my questions. :smoke:

posted by  speeder

Um...Ford isn't Asian...and that definately isn't showroom condition...

posted by  MgsJester

um... some fords use mazda parts, which is... you guessed it! :thumbs:

...and why are you giving him shit? he put some effort into doing something and all you can do is talk shit. don't talk to people anymore if you're just here to be a dick...

posted by  dodger65

Just curious, but wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy a new car?

Regardless, that is a lot of work. You should be proud. Well done!

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Nice work, but this a rare car or something?? If not, why all the work??

posted by  newyorker

Nice work. The only laser I heard of was put out by plymouth. When I seen this thread I thought it was a typo or you were talking about a ford probe. lol probe.

posted by  Spanky2324

Looks nice...How long did it take you to do all that?

The BBS wheels would look good, but IMO there are better options. Also, if you're getting new wheels, you have to lower it a little.

posted by  chris_knows

The reason it doesnt look clean cause it rains alot these days. Took it for a wash a few days ago but it rained the next day. This car has been in my family for 11 years. It was my dad's, he upgraded so he gave me this. In my country customs have imposed a 200% tax on all imported vehicles. The cost of repair for my car is only a fraction of what a new Focus would cost. The repairs alone cost me RM 6,500. A brand new Focus would cost me RM 115,000 thats 1 USD= 3.40 RM. There are some local makes which are reasonable such as the Proton Persona RM 43,000 but still way more than my Ford. The Ford laser is a facelifted Mazda 323 they were built in the same factory in Japan from 1994-1996. They share the same engine and mechanical parts but the body was a little different and was redesigned by a German styling company Ghia. It's a 1.8litre with 131hp, not much but good enough. It took me 3 months to get it to this condition. Many of the parts are hard to find cause this car is very rare in my country. Yeah it does look like it rides a little high my dad changed the shocks and got smaller tyres for it cause they were cheaper and he thought he was going to sell it. I was supposed to go to India to do Dentistry so it was lying outside my house for sometime collecting rust. Then i decided dentistry wasn't for me and i needed a car to take me to my university and back, since i liked this car so much i decided to keep it and restore it. This was the first car i ever drove i have alot of fond memories with it. The past few months were a real pain though, engine kept dying when idling and huge amount of black smoke used to come out the exhaust and the throttle used to get clogged with carbon. My trusted mechanic who i went to for this problem told me to change my throttle body which would have cost a fortune. Instead of taking his word i took it to Ford who told me that the throttle wasn't adjusted properly so fuel air mixture wasnt right. It's been about a week i got it back from Ford and so far so good.:smoke:

posted by  speeder

Any suggestions?

posted by  speeder

my brother's friend has a Volkswagen Golf Gti Mki it was a 1.8litre. It is in decent condition. Had a drag race with him, don't mean to brag but he got smoked. Maybe he wasn't used to accelerating that hard.:smoke:

posted by  speeder

Well it was an MK1. That explains a lot about the loss for him.

posted by  Spanky2324

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