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personally id go for the Evo. 8

posted by  WeaponR

STi definatly.

posted by  junebug

i actually jus saw these 2 car race friday night.. the sti burned the evo on a quarter mile by about 8 feet.

my friends says that an evo would burn a sti, its jus the driver? iunno...

posted by  e.1999-BTNH

STi will absolutely rape the r32, and should handle the evo (im assuming you are referring to the evo VIII) too, assuming all stock and equal drivers. This is a no brainer imo.

But once you bring mods into the picture, i think the evo will take over (4g63 motor responds to mods really nicely), i dunno how the r32 responds to mods, but evo will own an sti w/ equal mods.

posted by  importluva

flat out race with the cars stock? STi owns.

posted by  SuperJew

STi by far folks.... come on way more hp than a Evo... its quicker in 0-60...no competition....

posted by  StiMan

i just realized that WeaponR never explained what it is he wants to know. :banghead:

If you are talking about which of the three one would prefer to own...then id choose the evo.

posted by  importluva

I'd still take the Sti, even though We would have to slove that problem wouldn't we Steveo. That racing seat might be a nice alternative to cutting me off at the shins :mrgreen:

posted by  Voda48

sorry importluva and the rest of you, i meant whuch car whould you like to own and tune up........that clear things up? lets hope so

posted by  WeaponR

i'd prefer to own and 'tune up' the EVO.
more potential for your buck.

posted by  Rhendrix

there you go :thumbs:

posted by  importluva

I'd go with the Evo, they are a rarer breed in these parts lol :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

You know it Gregg!

posted by  StiMan

i would go with the Evo, since im a Evo freak. Close race though, stock, the STI will probaly beat the Evo in a straightaway. But throw in a couple of turns, the Evo has better curb weight, better breaking power, and overall better handling, pure speed;STI, overall;Evo. Tune up? Evo, as someone mentioned earlier, the 4g63 does respond to mods pretty well.

posted by  aerith

Ok first off im from new zealand if you dont no where that is get a map!

Ok these 3 cars I dont no if the american versions got de-tuned or up-tuned but here in NZ they all have 280hp which is about 207kw I think now we have the biggest variation on japenese cars in the world outside Japan we get everything they make as I no in the USA you guys miss out on some mean import rides ok enough shit the 3 cars....... :sleep:

Im not sure on the 1/4times on these cars so ill skip that but as it goes to 0-100kms (0-60miles) the evo8 is the quickest doing it in 5.3 seconds from standing start then the suburu sti did it in 5.4 so they are close they are really twins jus under different badges if you look at all the specs! the skyline think you said an r32 would rip them both up if it was tuned they are made our fastest import street car is an r32 runs low 8s our best evo is an evo 3 dont think you get anything up your ways below a 7 bad luck :laughing: the evo 3 runs low 9s and we dont have many suburus running 1/4s here as they are alot harder to get more out of your money performance wise as the evo's and skylines.

Overall thoe the Evo 8 just betsthe sti as they are so close together (twins) but dew to drivabiltity(fun) the evo and also just mite stick sum more shit into you friendly peeps and say you guys are missing out on the meanest evo up your way its the evo6 tommi maniken edition (the rally driver) this evo you could class as the import king (besides those dam r34s) pumps out 300hp and does a 0-100 in 4.5 seconds and is 100kgs lighter than the evo6 standard version (I want one)

O well enough shit from me look forward to replies :smoke:

posted by  Smiwee

just as i assumed, the evo 8 is going to be most popular. sorry sti man but this time :laughing: who agrees with me.......at first the impreza dominated the 4wd, now the mitsubishi gurus are pullin one back! we'll have to wait and see to how they respond to the WR1

posted by  WeaponR

the r32 is in reference to the vw r32, not the skyline. and yes, the sti has 300hp 300tq in the US, the reason why it tops the evo in the US.

posted by  importluva

I would go with the evo, beacuse STI's are too popular/common. I also don't like the style of the hood scoop on the STI. Is the STI's intercooler front mounted like the evo's?

posted by  abless

The roots of the STi: (And the Evo too...just not the same team...)

posted by  StiMan


posted by  e.1999-BTNH

YEESH! It took me several minutes to reallize that your "COLOR" is refering to "Cooler" which refers to Intercooler...yeesh man!

posted by  StiMan

o shit my bad.. i jus edited it.

as u notice, i am known as the worsest speller in here.

posted by  e.1999-BTNH


posted by  StiMan

you're also the WORST at grammar. :roll:

posted by  SuperJew

..ok, lets not start with the grammar and spelling again, haha :D Anyways, well we cant compare the both, its personal preference. I am 100% sure the turbo intercooler is on top, hence the GIANT hood scoop. I do not think that Subaru would put something like that on for no reason. If only our North American Version Evo has the Super ACD and the titanium turbo(is it titanium? i'm not sure, i do not remember haha) that is used in the Japanese Spec Evo; then it would top the STi. But with what we have now, its an even race. I think the better turbo put the EVo's power even with the Sti, and there times are already close, i think with the new turbo, the Evo is alittle faster. And the Super ACD just completely annihaltes any other system out there......hmmm wut about ATTESA against Super ACD? lol

posted by  aerith

There's your answer :thumbs:

http://images.cardomain.com/member_images/7/web/427000-427999/427616_115_fu ll.jpg

posted by  Cliffy

I think that it is stock on the top, and (from what I can tell) is usually moved to the front when supping up the car... Ex:

http://images.cardomain.com/member_images/10/web/514000-514999/514545_30_fu ll.jpg

posted by  StiMan

Thanks to everyone.

posted by  abless

Yes... leave it to CF to answer your questions! :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

Sorry to resurrect a dead thread, but I'm recently in the market for one of these 30k AWD cars.

I'm actually homing in on either the STi or the R32. I owned a GTI GLX for 3 years and loved it. I've had friends who've had old WRX's and modded them, and I really respect and love those cars too.

I've sat in both the R32 and the STi, and I have to say I find the R32's interior much more comfortable and "classy." Are you guys primarily interested in owning a car that can sprint from 0-60 quickly, or do you think that the R32 could have some value as something that would rock on some twistie roads? It's heavy and slow, but I've read that it can't be beat in the cornering category ... although maybe that's just what VW fans are saying so they feel their car isn't absolutely worthless?

I also think the R32 is gorgeous ... and I'm not crazy about the styling of the STi ... but is that something I should even consider? Dunno.

Just trying to get some thoughts out, and I'd love to hear from someone who might have experience with both cars. Thanks a lot!

posted by  n3mesis

the EVo definetly, with its 19.5 psi on the turbo and its got only a 2 liter. Thats nice. all that making 271HP yeah Id like that. sooo much potential.

posted by  s13_Drifter

Here's my quick run-down of each.

R32 - I'm throwing this one out. It would fair better against a HFP six speed Accord coupe. It's heavy, underpowered and overly expensive.

STi - LOTS of low end power and pulls hard. Handling is just 'ok' as it is tuned mroe for off-roading with a soft shock rate (like it's WRC counterpart). The interior is pretty nice and the looks attract me, just not as much as an Evo MR. The price is about right, could be a bit less knowing it's main competition is the Evo 8 ($29k).

Evo 8 - Personally my favorite of the three, Has enough power to run right along with the STi nearly (in RS trim they are equal and in MR trim the Evo 8 is just the much better buy). It handles like it's on rails. The interior is kind of ho-hum in areas but the seats are amazing. The engine is a proven engine and people know it can make serious power (350+awhp on the stock turbo and 400+awhp on stock internals). Overall it just is more appealing than the STi and MUCH furthermore than the R32. It's priced just right (with a $27k price for the RS and a $33k tag for the upper model MR). So you have options on what you want and dont want un-like right now where we only get one version of the STi (right now we get two versions of the EVO the EVO and EVO RS with the EVO MR coming later this year).

Evo 8 get's my vote.

posted by  thunderbird1100

u know....... i kept looking over and over and over again for a while..... read the name of the thread.... looked at the picture... repeated the whole procedure..... and um, i have a question...

exactly wat R32 are we talking about? i was expecting to see the R32 Skyline.... but then i see something that looks like the blending of VW Golf with a BMW Z3....

posted by  Inygknok

I'm not the biggest expert for those kind of cars in general, but I couldn't resist to the Impreza's sound anyway :drool:

posted by  lutz

R32 is the name of the souped up Golf. It's their highest performance version of it. Has the 3.2L six with 240hp and AWD.

posted by  thunderbird1100

n3mesis, check you pm.

posted by  importluva

damn, first time i even ever hear of it, we probably dont have it down here in PR. i guess i have something to search for now.

posted by  Inygknok

::Laughs:: Those are the longest four sentences I've ever read. Due to my self-diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I was being driven up the wall by the fact that your post is a convention for run-on sentences. Please. For the sake of my sanity, up the grammar. But in response, I do very much envy your wide array of Asian imports. Us Americans get the shaft, despite the fact that we as a country are one of the biggest consumers of the Asian car market in the world... oh well.
Your sentiments regarding the true subject at hand are correct, sir.

EDIT!!!- Looks like my information is too little, too late. I'm shattered.

posted by  Patrick

Since I'm not a fan of Subaru's and the R32 is a joke, I am all for the Evo! It may not be the fastest off the line, but it has other good qualities, which make up for it. I think Mitsubishi did a great job with the Evo! It looks like its ready to master the dirt rally course, race track, or the open strip of winding road!

posted by  moostang104314

The VW R32 gets ate up by these two Asian imports off the show room floor but you're forgetting the R32 is a NA 3.2L V6 - not a V4 Turbo. With a stock 241bhp it is still better off then the stock WRX (a bit heavier) but strap on an HPI turbo and you are looking at some serious speed even outclassing a modded STI or Evo.

HPI makes a Stage I (400bhp), Stage II (550bhp) and Stage III (600hp) for the R32. The tests I saw in Motortrends was with the Stage II kit and they were doing 0-60 in 3.2 seconds and a 1/4 in 11.5. They peaked it out at 202mph and did a 600 foot slalom at 71mph. SO while stock this car is outclassed I think it has far more mod potential considering the 3.2l na v6.

posted by  esspee

Maybe you missed out on this, but the EVO's have been putting out 350+awhp on the stock turbo system (yes, the itty bitty turbo) and 400+awhp on the stock internals. They just recently had an article on a 57x awhp EVO that pulls 11.2's in full street disguise. I wouldn't go as far to say the R32 has more potential, they have 4g63T's out there making in excess of 1000hp.

Let's not also forget the astronomical price (together with car) you'd be looking at turboing the R32...Already you pay $30k for a car that isnt barely any faster than a six speed 3.0L Accord...but after you slap on a $4000 turbo kit (and run about as fast as an exhaust/BC {bolt-ons} modded EVO), you're looking at a price difference of close to $7000 between the Evo and R32.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Thats why I don't like the EVO as much as the STI. The Evo makes 271 hp at 19.5 psi while the STI makes 300hp on 15.6 psi, which means the STIs engine is better. Not only that but having been in both vehicles, i can say the the STI has better Interior as well. More luxurious and actually built well. The Evo interior is sparse and crappy quality. You can actually move the dash around in the evo because of the build quality. But I may have just been in a shitty EVO, but it was on the showroom floor.

Anyway, in my opinion, The STI takes it.

posted by  Zalight

Actually you're wrong there...The Evo is underrated....Makes around 285-290hp to the crank. Also (if im not mistaken) the Evo's turbo is smaller than the STi's. Also, not to mention, the STi has a .5L displacement advantage over the EVO, and I guarentee you, you stroke/bore the Evo's engine out to say 2.4L its going to make way over 300hp.

posted by  thunderbird1100

The sti is faster but i perfer the evoVIII.

posted by  chichi

if your gonna bore/stroke out the evo motor? then compare to the 22b sti!

Interior of the subby has always been better than evo. Apart from maybe the seats, since the evo 3 the seats have always been decent.

personaly I've found the sti's handle better than evos, and are more predictable. imo

I have always been a wrx fan for all over apeal, but for shere fun power, gimme the older evo with 18psi, external wastegate, 3" pipes and feed the juice through faster then you got a fun ripper!

hell! the lancer gsr 4g93t with the garrat T4 we just sold was pulling 11s with 20psi and a ham fisted lead footed fool at the wheel!

(no not me! a different ham fist lead foot)

posted by  Unlicensed

Just a quick note upon this....

But when comparing the EVO VIII to the STi (in the U.S.). The STi cant hold anything to the EVO in handling...Suby runs an extremely soft shock rate and the body lean is pretty substansial in turns. Just to put up some testing numbers : Most places get 72-73mph slalom speeds and .95g-up with the EVO VIII and get 68-69mph slalom speeds and around .9g for the STi. Also, in comparison road course tests the EVO VIII has simply slapped the STi around it (usually beating it by 2-4 seconds...the STi just loses it in the turns next to the EVO). Not to mention one place pitted the two against each other in a short rally course in which again the EVO just nutted on the STi (which puzzles me becuase the STi has the softer shock rate which should help). I've noticed though SCCA members (since they are allowed to change shocks in Stock classes) have closed the gap between the two cars (the STi handles much better with some stiffer Shocks). Now the STi is faster in a straight line than the base EVO (by a tenth or two). But is actually on par with the cheaper EVO RS ($26,799 USD) and is slower than the now-coming EVO MR ($33k).

posted by  thunderbird1100

Good point, but what do you think would happen if we Stroke/bored the Evo and puushed the STis boost to 19.5psi.
They would probably be dynoing some extremly close numbers.

Besides IMO, the STi still looks better. Both interior and exterior, with that great air grabbing scoop, huge wing, and you can't beat WRC Mica Blue with those gold rims, unless you get java black pearl with the same rims. Or maybe flat black, like Sport compat car, just recently did to thiers, it turned out great!

posted by  Zalight

Personally I like the exterior of the EVO two-fold better than the STi. The hood-scoop just looks rediculous and blocks your view... I can agree the interior is better in the STi, but not by too much. For $28k and this much performance you really can't complain this much about an interior. You want a serious good looking interior i say go spend the extra $20k and get a damn S4. The wheels are nice on the STi FORM wise, but function wise the EVO wins again with 17x8s and 235 tires compared to the STi's smaller 17x7.5's and 225 tires (just like the EVO's IC is much bigger than the STi's...but agian FORM catches the eye with the STi's top mounted hood scoop blown IC comapred to the rather plain ole FMIC in the EVO). All in all these two cars have very similar ideas but execute them in very different ways. If you ask me it's basically the Camaro/Mustang battles of imports.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Thats exactly what I compare it to! I usually just get dumb looks and told Im stupid though...Sigh...

posted by  Zalight

Well, On the Camaro/Mustang side the Camaro has almost had more power (making it faster i na straight line) and has almost always handled better...to where as the STi/EVO are split.

posted by  thunderbird1100

well im getting a STi soon :thumbs:

posted by  EpyonMelee

Haha, damn you WeaponR. This is nothing but another EvoVIII vs ImprezaSTi thread. Hidden with an overated GTI R32 in the mix.

Lets face it guys and EvoVIII and ImprezaSTi can both be pushed to the extreme 800+ WHP. Its all a matter of preference... One may dominate in x category but the other dominates in y category. If you're picking it had better be for style, cause thats about the only difference in the two. Not even the Focus RS could compete with these cars in stock form. What other two sedans do you know that are AWD, cost less than 30K, and push over 270BHP?

These two have reached the perfect 10 mark. The only other car that could be comperatively compared to is an Audi S4, which cost about 10-15k more..
So if you're gonna site here and debate psi, BHP, 1/4rth times, top speed, ect.. your wasting your breath. Far as I'm concerned this subject has been beat to a dead pulp by every single car magazine, car t.v show, car dvd video, forum, car enthuisiast, and car consumer alike. Its all a matter of preference.

Choose on style....

Of course my vote goes to the EvoVIII, that thing is hella sexy as is the STi.

Anyone know how to breed cars? Hmm an "Imprezolution S8i", The Engine of an STi built on the body of an Evo with the best of both mixed inbetween.

posted by  DSMer

this thread should be put on hold till ford get their arse in gear and build the flippin rs focus cosworth!!! :thumbs:

we dont want a front wheel drive only model! (do we? :screwy: ) we dont want a sad as 170hp only version! I want the much awaited, much wanted and badly needed 4wd turbo cosworth!

come on ford! your so close I can feel it.

posted by  Unlicensed

Ford just annouced that for 2005 the Focus redesign is still based on our U.S. platform and not the Euro platform...which sucks...means for another 5 years we'll have to deal with the same pos that is unreliable.

posted by  thunderbird1100

check your statistics again dude!
even with 30hp less the evo does 0-60 in 4.8 seconds and the sti in 4.9
it also handles better.
i'm sure the evo can even beat a corvette on a race track

posted by  monsterevo

They actually did a dyno session in M/T I think it was with a 2005 Evo MR and a 2005 STi. The Evo MR was rated at 276hp while the STi 300hp. Evo MR made about 6 more awhp than the STi...intresting.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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