What lowering springs give me an even drop (no tucks in the rear).

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I have sportlines on and I hate how the rear tucks into the quarter panel. I understand it looks that way because the fenders are rolled up differently from the rear. (especially since the sportlines drop the rear more than the front).

Other than TEIN what other lowering spring gives the front more of a drop than the rear to give it the even look.

Im looking for a drop around 1.6f 1.4r but I'm willing to push the margin between 1.0-1.8" aslong as the spring rate is fine.

I've looked into a few lowering springs, but Im not sure what are the spring rates. Ive even went and tried to search in the main webpage but alot of these manufacturers dosnt provide it.
(Hopefully you guys can point me out to a godlike webpage mainly for the RSX that provides the spring rates and drop for ALL lowering springs.)

Basicly what im looking for is a set of lowering springs that lowers the front a bit more than the rear to give me the "even look". Im also looking for springs with about the same spring ratio as stockies. Basicly the lowest spring rates possible without bottoming out.

If the stock spring ratio for the 02-04 rsxs is about 280f-450r, shouldnt I be looking into springs with ratio that is about the same? if not a tad bit higher??

(I have a 2002 Acura RSX type S)

posted by  Ki2AY

Tein is known for rear sag, at least on my car, and my car shares quite a few suspension components with yours. I am running on Neuspeed sport springs, they are 1.5 rear 1.75 front, they even it all out quite nicely.

As far as rates and drops and pix, check out www.clubrsx.com (they have a store and message board and all), they should have plenty of info, as well as pix, and maybe an FAQ abut it all. I remember you posted before, I gave you a good chunk of advice, this was when you were considering coilovers as an alternative.

As far as a stock ride feel, neuspeed seems to have it covered, at least for the sport springs, the race are more extreme. My car rides smoothly, of course not as smooth as stock, but its not so bad that it hurts or anythin, and ive never bottomed out (of course I have upgraded Tokico HP struts to go along with it).

remember you will also need a camber kit to go along with it if you have any concern for tire wear and safety.


Also remember if you have a big system in your trunk for example, it will be a bit lower. Camber angle will also change the ride height. When I had -2.5r, -1.5f for the autocross season, the car was quite a bit lower than when we put it to -.8r, +.2f. Neg camber is better cornering if you have good spring rates and tires, but in the rain and snow, its a problem because the whole tire isnt touchin the road so it can cause some sliding, especially with ur 19mm rear sway (people that swap them onto my car say that the back end starts to come out often), you may have some spinout and slide problems in bad weather, so be careful.


posted by  newyorker

you have good memory. I was really considering the ground control coilovers sleeves until i found someone who had that set up. it was a little to stiff for me since they arent progressive springs . I like how it was adjustable tho so i didnt have to worry about the un-even drop or the rear sag.

(what car do you drive?)

I've looked into tokikos but ive only manage to find the front shocks for my car. Im begining to think that they dont sell the rears. :ohcrap:

anyways, thanks for the concern but i dont have to worry about snow here in San francisco. Im more into the looks more so than performance. and id hate to see neg camber on my car. YUCK

posted by  Ki2AY

I have a 01 civic...if you ever wana get rid of your rear sway bar, shift knob, seats, steering wheel, guage cluster, and other stuff, LMK it swaps right onto my car ;)

GC sleeves are good stuff, but I dont like sleeves, it never seemed proper to me. As far as struts, I just checked tokico site, and it says they are still in development for your car. Looks like Koni are the only ones out there (very good but expensive...650ish for your car) and they are inserts so its gona cost money to have them put in to your struts for the perch and all that junk. Call Tokico directly and see if they made them for your car yet, and check with KYB as well. If they dont, and your only bet is with koni and springs thats going to be 800 at least just for struts and springs, and you may be able to find Tein Basic Coilovers (full) for that price.

You definately dont want to drop on stock struts, especially if they arent fresh, but if they are low mileage, you can use them for the meantime but call Tokico and get an expected release date for RSX struts and shocks..if its a few years, you dont want to ride on stock shock absorbers for all that time. honestly, in your case, tein basics might be the best bet since they arent too expensive, and since you dont really care about performance.

Im gona post on my local forum and see if any RSX guys know about the strut situation.

posted by  newyorker

Yeah GC's are very popular on my vehicle.
Actually I had a pair of defective KONI's. They've been sent back and are currently being observe if I can get a new pair as warrenty. I had a leak on the rear shocks after 4 months. I dont know what caused it but I hope i can get a new set. (I had sportlines on that lowers the rear about 1.8", i always have passengers so maybe that caused it? according to a guy on the board, he said the spring ratio was to much for the konis especially with the drop that low and constantly having passengers in the rear)
So hopefully id get a response no more than a month.

If i dont, then i guess ill have to settle with KYB's.

my friend drives a 05 ep3 civic hatchback. he found a rear bar from the locale junkyard for 25$. it was from an 05 rsx so i believe it was about 2mm thicker than the 02-04s. a jump from 15mm to 22mm.

posted by  Ki2AY

The RSX-s (maybe even base rsx) has a 19mm in the rear, the DC5R in japan has a 22mm. Yea I gotta get to a yard soon.

Konis are usually tough, and im sure they have a warranty. The best way to get new stuff is just keep calling them and bugging them, otherwise they are prolly hoping you dont care. Passangers will cause more wear, and the rear sag could have been caused by a leaking/blown strut(s). Ive been a fan of Neuspeed since I got them, Progress makes great parts as well, check em out.

posted by  newyorker

Alright here goes

http://www.civicforums.com/forums/44-suspension-performance/293636-will-tei n-flex-civic-fit-rsx.html

General talk is that you can make it work, here is what you will need

04/05 civic struts (not 01-03)
springs of choice (if you get civic ones, the sedan and coupe are diff rates in the rear, so do a bit of reading on which ones u want)
04/05 civic tie rod ends
camber crap

That should work for ya just fine, but register for clubRSX or that site, and find out for sure before you buy.

edit: you can use the 01-03 civic struts as well, but youll have to drill out the bottom hole that connects to the knuckle by 2mm..just stick with the 04/05 they are 5mm thicker (a bit beefier) and im pretty sure they cost the same, hell I paid 323 for mine brand new from eBay

posted by  newyorker

hmm... thx.. except, i dont know how that has anything to do with my thread tho? lol no offense

posted by  Ki2AY

so if you dont get your koni warranty repaired and want to get new struts...since noone except koni makes them for your car :banghead:

posted by  newyorker

ahh so in other words I can buy tokico shocks for the honda and jus change the bolt?

posted by  Ki2AY

the tie rod end yes...everything else should swap right on you might need civic tophats too but thats no biggie

posted by  newyorker

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