Should i buy this 2005 nissan altima?

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Nissan Altima

Year: 2005
4 Dr 2.5 S Sedan ; Clean CarFax Report;
Mileage: 31,790
Engine: 2.5 L I4 DOHC 16V
Price: 12,500

The dealership i visited today in westwood,massachussets was giving it to me for $12500 withour any delerships warranties.It might still have a 5-6 month left on a 3 year/60000 mile Nissan warranty and a couple of years on 5 year Nissan PowerZTrain warrnaty

Do you guys thinks its a good deal?

Another dealer offered me the same type of car with around about the same mileage for $13500 but it has that dealership 2 year/100000 mile warranty .

So what do you guys think about these deals? which one do you think would give me a good value?

posted by  novicecarbuyer

dont think those cars are problematic but id go for the second one

posted by  newyorker

But do you think the deals by itselflike 13000 for a 2005 Altima with 30000 miles is good?

posted by  novicecarbuyer


posted by  newyorker

No. It's not. I've just gone car shopping for about 2 months. In the Boston area as well. You want to pay about 10,000 - 12,000 (at the highest) and they should throw in the warranty.

posted by  3xBeam


Would you tell me which dealers in Boston and burbs did you look for when you went car shopping?

I have till now looked at Clay Nissan ;where the salesman was very insistent that i cannot get a Altima for less than 14000 anywhere and the usual salesman stuff .Laso the same at Dedham Auto Mall were 12990 is what they quoted and werent ready to bargain unless i made the deal with them there and then.

Also, most of the 2005's i see on or have a price of 13995-14995 within a 30000-50000 mileage range.So any ideas how to bargain with the car dealers before saying Yes?

posted by  novicecarbuyer

seems like an average deal to me. nothing spectacular.

posted by  Ki2AY

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