just bought 97 civic

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does any one know if you can use hids with halo projectors ??

posted by  acecivic3021

probbably not

a. that projector housing might not be big enough for an HID bulb
b. light output will still be shit

what brand projectors and model number and what car il find out for ya

edit: it will be bright, but it wont be focused like the projectors on acura and mercedes, their projectors are very high quality, I think made by Valeo, TYC and such are small (hence they usually dont fit the longer HID bulb) and arent engineered to the same level..thats why a lot of people retrofit the bigger better projectors into their housings, but thats usually a 1000 dollar job becuase its all very precise. I have talked to the owner of a very good retrofit place you can send them your stuff and they will do it i think turnaround time is a few weeks, let me know if you want their info.

posted by  newyorker

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