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i am thinking that i am going to buy a late 90s celica. i would like to find out a bit about them though. if any one has one or knows a bit about them it would be great. i want to know how reliable they are and how well they perform. so if some one has any first hand knowledge that would help a lot. thanks

posted by  sparkie

Celicas aren't very quick, unless you buy the Celica GT4. 2ltr turbo awd.
The late model ones with toyota vvl seem to be reliable. But like all vtec cars, you have to rev hard to get anywhere. Plus there a tad on the slow side

posted by  57ock

Btw, the GT4 goes very well. And can be done up easy.

posted by  57ock

celicas are always nice cuz the look good, and if you can push alot of power outa them, its a bonus

posted by  mazda6man

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