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Maybe a little more believable than Ferrari's SUV this, lol. Not sure if it'll ever actually make production. It's called the "Furai" and apparently it demonstrates Mazda's future design direction...

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posted by  Cliffy

It kinda looks like the RX-8 but the bulges and curves are like 10 times bigger.

It looks futuristic, and it's probably too early to put a car like that on the market, but I like it. I'll decide whether it's a good car when the specs (including price) come out.

posted by  chris_knows

I agree. In my opinion it looks too much like a track car though, and would need to be toned down a bit for production!

posted by  Cliffy

It looks like its out of Halo 3 or Minority Report or something...

posted by  Mathew

Yes, because everyone in the world will be waiting on your qualified skills to rate cars. Not like engineers or professional car drivers opinions will mean anything stacked up to your infamous reputation for determining quality in the car business.

I would, however, like to see some data from that vehicle in the wind tunnel. The aerodynamic styling on it is uncanny. Wait, maybe chris_knows would like to shed some light on the subject.

Possibly a professional opinion...?

posted by  DSMer

I think he means he'll decide whether HE thinks it's a good car when the stats are released. Was it really that unclear? :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

About as clear as the space between your ears....

posted by  DSMer

But wait, there's no free space between my ears.....:laughing:

Obviously not too clear then :mrgreen:

posted by  Cliffy

It looks like most of the curves are functional, and a lot of the air is navigated to the engine and wheels/brakes. Notice how low it is to the ground, and the size of the wing; probably to maximize down force.
I found a couple of things; it's got a 3-rotor engine, makes 450hp, and it runs on deathanol (E-100). It's also supposed to be in the Detroit Auto Show (About a week left until it opens I think). If I don't forget to charge my camera's batteries, I'll take a couple of pics for further aerodynamic examination.
BTW those headlights are kinda creepy.

And yes, the company does care what I think about the car. They also care what you think, and maybe even Cliffy too lol. Can you think of any reason for Mazda to make that car other than profit? If there is enough interest in it, then it will see production. But my opinion counts in that interest.

EDIT: Video ( Judging by the way it looks inside, and the way it sounds (great--like a motorcycle racing a jet, but probably not road legal), that car's not hitting the streets. So Mazda doesn't care as much about my opinion but they still care a little.

posted by  chris_knows

Haha, spare me your highly exemplified bullshit. I'm more interested in your theory of functional navigational curves for aerodynamic structure. Maybe you can give me a full exponential break down of the flow curves and coefficients from your digital camera that mommy got you for Christmas. Or maybe you can't.... my guess is that you can't. But then again it's just a guess..

No, they don't care what you, in particular, think about this car. In fact, they probably don't even care what the people who can afford to buy the car(if it were ever put into production... which it won't) think either. Auto manufacturers build these extravagant cars to exercise their strength and knowledge in the business. The monkey with the brightest red ass gets the women. Its made so simple minded people, such as yourself, will look at it and go "Oooh... Ahhh". Hopefully in the process you'll think that it is so cool that you want to own a Mazda because they will lead you to believe that the same people who built this one also helped build your unequally comparable Mazda 3.

But here is what really bakes the noodle. THEY DIDN'T! Mazda knows that a car like that would cost too much to make for their cooperate budget. Mazda also knows that there is no consumer base for a Mazda that cost over $40K... But they know that a concept brings attention to the company. And even you know this... any press is GOOD press.

That car is more of a testament to Mazda's racing prowess than it is to their consumer market.... but who says you can't kill two birds with one stone?

Your opinions about that car are as worthless, if not more, than some of those "navigational air curves".

But don't take my word for it... its not like I actually worked for a car company or anything....

posted by  DSMer

and here i thought what had been banned...

posted by  dvdrose18

so mazda is making the new batmobile , cool. lol.:screwy

posted by  colt

Actually, it's my sister's camera--and she managed to break the flash on it, so I'm either using my camera phone or my parents' digital camera from 5 years ago that eats batteries like crazy.

I couldn't tell you a thing about aerodynamic coefficients and flow curves, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out where the air is going to go with curves like that...

This car would never hit production for the reasons you listed, but with any of their production cars, millions are spent every year to find out what people want; generally people prefer similar styling.

I know you know your shit, but you've completely misinterpreted my post. I said I'll make my opinion on whether the car is good (according to my standards--which are simpler, but also similar to many peoples') or not. Why do I have a feeling that you're just trying to start something? Just because I'm 9" (slight exaggeration lol) doesn't mean I have to go up to you and poke your eye out.

posted by  chris_knows

I can assure you, there is nothing more I would want in this world than to be some estranged member of a forum that I rarely visit and to an even greater concern, whom I don't even know...

Rest assured "What"... we've been down that road, and while I laugh at your attempts to exercise your "alpha" male dominance... I still can understand that you generally have your head(knowledge wise) in the right place. However, your phallic infatuation has always led me to question your choice of lifestyle.

None the less, I support anyones free choice to do as they chose behind closed doors. So if you and chris_knows want to "sponge" each others "knowledge" up, then so be it.

As far as the testing of my knowledge... well lets just put it this way. Unless you're willing to pay me the adequate salary(that my job already pays me) I don't feel any need to waste my time with a "who has the bigger penis" contest. I'll concede to you on that one. You're not worth the time nor effort.


posted by  DSMer

posted by  chris_knows

I've just seen the specs on this and being based off a Le Mans prototype, I'm sure this will beat most supercars.

posted by  fudge

It's pretty ugly.

posted by  Honda S2K

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