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...Or most expensive shed?

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The above are pictures of the worlds cheapest car. Admitedly not everybody's cup of tea, but at about £1,200 surely you can't go wrong? It's called the Tata Nano, and it's built in India. The Nano has 12" wheels and is powered by a 623cc petrol engine which produces 33bhp, a 4-speed manual gearbox is standard, too. The engine is rear mounted and so the car is obviously rear-wheel drive. Tata have pretty much done without any creature comforts hence the low price, and as such Air-Con is only available on Deluxe models.

I read recently that the Government isn't too sure about this car as thgey believe lots of people will buy them due to their price, thus increasing pollution? :screwy: More like lots of people will buy them in London and Ken Livingston won't be able to profit from congestion charging because they are technically a motorcycle, lol. Opinion? Something tells me thgey won't be sold in the US, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

Wrong link, but I know what you're talking about.

While it would give lots of people cars that didn't have them before, it will also replace lots of cars that are on the streets that pollute a lot more (in Asia). I heard it passed all safety ratings pretty good too. The car won't be coming to the U.S. because not too many have been hit by gas prices too bad. It kinda reminds me of the Fiat 500 or newer 126, both in styling and specs.

posted by  chris_knows

lol...Whoops, It's edited now.

posted by  Cliffy

If that car came to the states, I would buy one of them just so I could go to crowded parking lots and take a space really close to the entrance. That way, when everyone was looking for spots they would assume that the one I parked in was empty and race for it. They would immediately be let down by the fact that it was occupied and probably curse the wretched tiny thing. It would make my day.

For a little over $2500, its less expensive than a motorcycle and more affordable than an elegant coffin, which I assure you that if you're driving that tiny ass thing on US roads, will probably be your final place of rest. Either under the axle of a semi-truck or smashed into the bumper of some asshole with a Ford/Dodge/GMC (input large number) ______ pickup truck that swears he/she uses it for its intended purpose even though they have a tonneau cover and the underlying bed has never seen the light of day.

Who'd a thunk it... a coffin on wheels available in a 12 month finance!

posted by  DSMer

lets have a look at this should we. its called after the only thing that can fit in it, (an ipod nano). some of my model cars have bigger wheels. can't see it selling very well in usa, mind you it could as you could prob fit in the back of a dodge ram, handy in those shopping center.

There is some good sides mind you. Parking for one , no prob with things such as electrics because they couldn't fit much in could they.

posted by  colt

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