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Hey, i am currently having problems learning the difference between the RB25DET used in the Skyline R33 and the Skyline R34 FR GT-Turbo. The reason i want to know is because, i am thinking of transplanting the RB25DET or a S15 Redtop SR20DET into a 240SX. I have read in places that the R33 uses the RB25DET as well, but is that the same engine that uses the ATTESA system without the ability to drift? My dilema is; is the engine in the R34 FR GT-Turbo (which has the ability to drift, hence the name FR) the same engine that is used in the R33? This is confusing, or if i can scratch up a little more money I will try and find a used Lancer Evo from the states and import it or a damaged one with a salvage title. Anyways, thanks for your help :D

posted by  aerith

its not in the engine that u can find the ATTESA system, its in the drivetrain. as u know, the AWD skylines kick off in RWD mode in first gear, then in 2nd the AWD kicks in. the ATTESA just kinda feels the forces when turning and helps distribute power to the different wheels in order to keep itself from sliding or anything, like a very very very kick ass TCS. it uses wat is called an active LSD to do all of this. also, if u get the AWD skyline, then heres something that u should know. all of them can be turned into a permanent RWD vehicle. in the r32 and r34 models, u just have to take out a fuse to do this, while in the r33, u just have to remove the front driveshaft (easier said than done, but very commonly done). hope that helps.

posted by  Inygknok

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