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alrighty, i have this 1994 eagle talon with a 1.8 liter and its an automatic but the tranny is shot, and my friend has a 1994 talon with 2.0 liter but his is a manual and the engine is shot.....my question is would i be able to take my 1.8 and put the tranny from the 2.0 on it with little or no problems?

posted by  4kro2nik0

Dont think so, but swapping from auto to a manual is a lot more involved than just a trans pedals and a shifter in any case. Unless the car is modified I would just sell it as a shell and buy one that is already a manual. The DSM community is a fairly big bunch so you should have no problem getting rid of your car and getting a different one.

DSMer is a pretty smart guy in that area, PM him or wait for his response, im not very familiar with the 1st gen

posted by  newyorker

lol we get this question all the time. iv seen it done ther and ther but they did some modification of the car. and it tends to get expensive to do so. my opinion is that u go out ther and find a 4G63 at a junkyard wit the auto. tranny. i did this to my buddies car it only cost me $800 for the whole engine and tranny. if ur lucky enough. you maybe be able to get a running engine and a nonshot tranny. but tho if u want to go wit ur decision wit the 2L tranny. good luck

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

i agree wit him. a lot of us dsm guys would love to take that shell of your hands:laughing:

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

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