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Here's my dilema. Recently i have been looking into modding my 97 Talon ESi. However, eventually, i know that i will want to move into buying a turbo, but i can't really afford it at the moment.

My question is, should i wait to mod my car, and trade my car plus $1800 or so and buy an AWD, or just wait and mod my car and save the turbo for later?

Other than that, i'd just like to know some preliminary mods i should get just to start (not looking for any aesthetics, just performance stuff). Maybe some bolt ons or some exhaust mods, just whatever any of you might suggest. I'm sorta a n00b as far as moddifying goes, so i'm interested in any input you might have. Thanx

posted by  JeffGodOfBiskut

You could start out with a new intake and exhaust. It also depends on what you want to do with your car. Do you want to put your money into engine performance, or handling components?

posted by  abless

well, if you get the TSi talon, it comes stock with the turbo AWD, so id probably take that one... AWD is pretty darn nice

posted by  mazda6man

personally i would like to at least start with modifications i can make myself. i can handle pretty much all the engine work i need to do, minus exhaust and welding, etc, but i don't have the equipment or the motivation to delve into the suspension mods myself. I have heard nightmares about people trying to do spring upgrades, and i'm not really up for it.

but, after intake and exhaust, what other engine mods should i get? For the difficulty and cost, intake and exhaust are definately the best start, but after that i'm kinda in the dark...

posted by  JeffGodOfBiskut

Well they aren't cheap, but you could get a new ECU, or intercooler. ECU's are usually about 3 grand and up. Intercoolers might be slightly cheaper. It looks like you already have an intercooler though (feel free to prove me wrong).

posted by  abless

yeah, well, i don't... my car is NA, pretty much entirely stock right now. The car in my sig is a lie ;) it belongs to a friend of mine. But yeah, good observation tho.

posted by  JeffGodOfBiskut

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